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1863 October 3: The Smaller Items of the Week

October 9, 2013

The following small articles are taking from the October 3, 1863, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002 The war news of the past week is not important.  The reports of Rosecrans [William S. Rosecrans] defeat were greatly exagerated.—The defeat was on the side of the rebels who failed in their desperate attempt to destroy the army of the Cumberland.

Finger002 The Union Assembly Convention meets at River Falls to-day.  J. S. ELWELL, of the Hudson Star is as likely as any other man, to receive the nomination.

The Democratic Senatorial and Assembly conventions also meet at Hudson to-day.  It is safe to say that Judge Foster and Joe Bowron will be in attendance.

Finger002 Hon. H. D. BARRON has been renominated for the Assembly in the upper district.  This is a deserved endorsement of his faithfullness [sic] to his constituents during his former term.

Finger002 The ladies of this city and vicinity, will meet at the Brick Church on the afternoon of Monday next, for the purpose of filling a box with articles for the Northwestern Fair of the Sanitary Commission, to be held at Chicago in a few days.  It is desirable that there be a full attendance.  Let all who feel an interest in the soldiers, be present.

Finger002 We clip the following “official announcement” from SAM’S paper.


On Sunday, Sept 20th, at the residence of S. S. Fifield Esq., at Prescott, by Rev. J. M. Miller, SAM. S. FIFIELD, jr. [sic], of Osceola Mills and Miss. STELLA A. GRIMES, of Taylor’s Falls.

SAM, we extend the compliments of the season to yourself and partner.  We are glad that you have married and also that you have married on of the opposite sex.  It is a good thing to do.  Let STELLA be your guiding Star.  In short, “be virtuous, and you will be happy.—Farewell.

P. S. —The best way to manage a wife, is to let her think she is managing you.  Get this idea in her head, and you can do as you please.

— About twenty soldiers from Co. [_],¹ 30th, are home on a furlough.

— We learn that Dr. A. D. ANDREWS, of the 6th Wis. is very ill, at his parent’s home in Maine.  His many friends here and in the regiment will hope for his speedy recovery.

— The copperhead logic has finally reduced all its sectional argument to this splendid conclusion — “The South never would seceded—but for the existence of the Northern States.”

— Democracy in Vermont is growing small by degrees and disgustingly lean.—The entire Democratic vote at the late election was only about half as large as the Republican majority !

St. Croix county [sic] Union Nominations.

The Union men of St. Croix County have made the following excellent nominations.

Sheriff—A. G. Peabody.
School Supt.—A. H. Wold.
Dist. Attorney—H. C. Baker.
Clerk of the Court—L. J. Hitz.
Coroner—J. W. Fuller.
Supervisors—Silas Staples, Chas. D. Parker, W. W. Maxwell.

Finger002 A. H. YOUNG, Esq., received every vote in the Convention for the nomination for State Senator.

From The Polk County Press:


The Union Senatorial Convention which met at Hudson on the 1st inst., nominated Austin H. Young, of Prescott, for Senator.  Mr. Young is a lawyer of ability, a true Union man, and will receive the entire vote of the Union men of the 28th District.  The nomination is an excellent one, and we feel confident will win.  Allow us to congratulate you Senator Young.

The News.

The news of the week is unimportant and very unreliable.  There is a rumor that the Government intends to make a draft for 600,000 more men soon.  This is undoubtedly another sensation item.  Rosecrans is still entrenched at Chatonooga [sic].  Rebels report a disaster to our arms in Louisiana.  Very doubtful.  Burnside’s [Ambrose E. Burnside] army is safe.

Seven Indians Killed.

One day last week a disturbance took place among the Yellow Lake Indians, in Burnette [sic] County, some sixty-five miles above this point, in which tow Indians were killed. The friends of the Indians which had this lost their lives, took up the quarrel, and a general row ensues, which terminated in the death of five more. The Indians all belong to the Yellow Lake band of Chippewas.

Finger002 We have been shown a letter from Melvin McAdams,² written to his sister, stating that he was well and in good spirits.  He enlisted in Sixth Wis. regiment, Iron Brigade, and has passed through all the bloody battles of Virginia in safety.  He is one of the many Poll County Boys in the army of the Union, who have gained themselves great credit.

Finger002 At the Democratic Assembly District Convention, which met at Falls St. Croix on the 30th ult., JAMES S. RITCHIE, of Superior City, was nominated for Assemblyman.

Finger002 We have received information that the Indian payment at Bayfield, which took place on the 24th and 25th of last month, passed of quietly, without any kind of disturbance.  The Indians were very friendly, and gave every evidence of satisfaction, and harmony.

1.  The letter of the company didn’t print on the copy of the newspaper that was microfilmed for posterity, but it was probably Company F.
2.  Melvin McAdams, from St. Croix Falls, enlisted June 10, 1861, and served in Company C of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry until he was discharged on July 5, 1865, for a disability. Company B of the 6th is the Prescott Guards.

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