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1863 October 10: Local Candidates

October 13, 2013

Following is some biographical and other information on four of the local men running for office, plus some editorial comment from Lute Taylor, editor of the Journal.  They come from the October 10, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.


D. M. Lusk [David M. Lusk] of this city, has received the Democratic nomination for State Senator.

We sympathize with “KIN,” in the affliction, but still we believe the nomination is one eminently fit to be made.  Mr. LUSK has felt the crushing weight of the “Lincoln Government,” very keenly.  He has spoke of it.  He has denounced it.  He has struck tragic attitudes; wrung his hands; hugged a copy of the Constitution to his waistcoat; and wailed over the stricken and departed rights of American citizenship.

To be brief, Mr. LUSK is one of those who are seriously alarmed by what he deems the infractions of the Constitution, by the Administration, and is a fitting candidate for that party which is so short sighted that it sees impending danger in the person of a Provost Marshal, and is deaf to the roar of rebel guns, and blind to the sight of a hundred thousand rebels in arms for the overthrow of the Government.  We wish those who sympathize with Mr. LUSK’s views to vote for him; but he will hardly be elected.


J. S. ELWELL., Esq., of the Hudson North Star, has been nominated for the Assembly by the Union men of this district.  It is a fitting nomination, and a deserved tribute to Mr. ELWELL for the noble position he has mantained [sic] since the war broke out.

Mr. ELWELL is a young man, but he has tact and talent, and there is work in him.  He will make a useful and effective member of the Legislature.

We cannot better show his position than by copying the following paragraph written by him several weeks since, before his name was spoken of in connection with the nomination.

“A man is not worthy to be called an American citizen who will not stand by his country’s flag in such an hour as this!  He is not a fit subject to enjoy the blessings of a free government unless he will give his influence to sustain it now!  Every man, however humble his position, has a mission to perform in this great struggle—and unless he performs his part well, the day is coming when the finger of scorn will be pointed at him, and his name become a reproach.

Stand by the Government! Through good or evil report let it not be said that you faltered or hung back.  Stand by the President.  If he is weak, help in strengthen him—because he is part of the Government.  He is the Commander-in-Chief of the armies and leader of the Nation, and be he Republican or Democrat—slander or saint—it matters not.  Support him in securing for us, and for our posterity, a national existence and the blessings of a free government.

Stand by the brave soldiers who are fighting for our cause.  Encourage them by your actions and cheer them by you  sympathy; until the last spark of secession has died out and the flag of our country once more floats triumphantly over every portion of the land.”

Lyman Kidder.

LYMAN KIDDER Esq, of Star Prairie St. Croix County, is the Democratic nominee for Assemblyman in the District.  Mr. KIDDER is a middle aged well-to-do man, and socially well liked.  If elected, he would wear good clothes, drink good liquors, play a good hand at whist or euchre, and vote with the Copperheads every time.

WE have no doubt but Mr. KIDDER expects Mr. ELWELL to be elected, and so will keep right on with his fall plowing and other farm work.


JOHN WINN.—The local editor of the Hastings Northwestern Democrat, says:

We notice by the Prescott JOURNAL that our old comrade in arms John Winn has received the nomination for Clerk of the Board of Supervisors.  We hope that every voter in Pierce County, whether Democrat or Republican, male or female, will give him the full benefit of their vote.

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