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1863 October 10: African-American Soldiers, Charles Emory, News from Chickamauga, Seth Button, and More

October 16, 2013

Following are the smaller items from the October 10, 1863, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

— We have received a letter from our old acquaintance CHARLEY EMORY [Charles D. Emory], who enlisted in the 1st Minnesota Battery, from St. Croix Falls.  He is now Sergeant in command of a section of artillery managed by men detailed from the 5th Louisiana colored volunteers.  He speaks very highly of the negro soldiers, and says they fight like devils.  He is stationed at Miliken’s [sic] Bend and was in the fight at the point, some time ago, where the negro soldiers fought and whipped their masters.  He sends his regards to all his old acquaintances, and tells them to stand by the Union.

— A dispatch to the New York “Times” says that Gen. Rosecrans [William S. Rosecrans], in his dispatches, imputes the loss of the battle to disobedience of orders on the part of Gen. McCook [Alexander McDowell McCook ],¹ who failed to occupy an important position assigned him by Rosecrans.  Had he “done as ordered, Rosecrans’ opinion is that the battle would have resulted in a splendid Union victory.  By extending his forces too much, the enemy were enabled to penetrate Rosecrans’ line.

— The Ryan Democrats have nominated D. M. LUSK, of Prescott, for the State Senate 28th District.  He will be elected—to stay at home.

— Fifteen thousand of the Corps d’Afrique, under Gen. Banks [Nathaniel P. Banks], have been mustered in, and recruiting is active.  The maximum strength is 25, 000.

— Five and a half millions of dollars have already been received as commutation under the enrollment act.  This sum, and all moneys hereafter to be realized from this source, are to be expended in bounties for enlistment.

— America wants no friend, acknowledges the fidelity of no citizen, who, after war is declared, condemns the justice of her cause and sympathizes with the enemy.  All such are traitors in their hearts.—STEPHEN A. DOUGLAS.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002 We find in our exchanges the following list of casualties in Co. F, 1st Wis., during the late battle.

Killed—S. F. Duell, H. Bennett.

Wounded—Lieut. S. W. Button, P. H. Van Meter, W. Hutchinson, J. Brand [sic], G. W. Carson, J. A. Houston, T. O’Conner, J. Crowley, G. W. Truman, M. B. Cowles, G. Babcock, G. Smith, J. Gilroy, L. Wilbur.

Missing—J. Lapham, D. Burr, D. McKinzie, T. Picket [sic].

[See Thursday’s post for a more complete listing.]

— Brick Pomeroy [Marcus Mills “Brick” Pomeroy] speaks of the Government as “The tyrannic  power now feasting and fattening on the hearts blood of our sons—our brothers—the people.”  We suppose Brick claims to be loyal, but he talks amazingly like a rebel.

PERSONAL—Lt. S. W. BUTTON is in town on a furlough.  He was wounded in the late battle.

— The Ladies’ Soldiers Aid Society of this place will meet at the Basement of the Brick Church next Tuesday afternoon, to prepare articles for the Northwestern Fair of the Sanitary Commission.

— Last Thursday the Hudson took 4 companies of the Minnesota 7th below.—The same day a large number of army mules, wagons, &c., were shipped below from the point opposite here.  The mules did not look very “gay and festive.”—They probably have not received their “bounty.”

— THAD. C. POUND, of Chippewa Falls, is the Union nominee for Assemblyman from that district.  It is a capital nomination.  Though but a Pound, P. C. is “hefty.”

— JAS. RITCHIE of Superior has been nominated for the Assembly by the democrats of that district.

Stop it.

A story is being circulated for the benefit of JOHN WINN’s opponent, to the effect that if he, (Winn) is elected, Mr. STRAHL [Osborn Strahl] will continue in the office.  We are authorized to positively contradict this.  If Mr. WINN is elected, he will personally serve, and the duties of the office will be well and faithfully discharged.

At the same time, the county has never had a better officer than Mr. STRAHL, and had the story to which we have alluded been true, it would have been no cause of uneasiness to anyone.


The way debt of the “Southern Confederacy” is now estimated at $1,200,000,000.  Is there any sane man who can estimate in picayunes the probably cash value of said debt fiver years hence ?

VALLANDIGHAM [Clement L. Vallandigham] boasts of finding shelter, protection and freedom under the British flag !  So have the pirates Alabama, Florida, and every other rebel institution.

1.  McCook lost his command of the XX Corps on September 28, and never commanded in the field again.

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