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1863 October 17: Some Local News, Some National News

October 23, 2013

The smaller items from the October 17, 1863, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

— The soldiers in ROSECRAN’S [sic: William S. Rosecrans] army polled 12,000 majority for BROUGH [John Brough].  VALLANDIGHAM [Clement L. Vallandigham] only got 252 votes.

— We have the particulars of Gen. SULLY’s [Alfred Sully] expedition up the Missouri, against the Indians, and the fight as White Stone Hills.  After three days’ fighting 800 Indians were killed, and a large number wounded, when the remainder fled, leaving everything they possessed behind even their squaws and children.  The Indians fought like demons, but the steady fire of our troops was too much for them.

— The “Democracy” are not as much opposed to “Breckinridge men” as they were.  In this State they now have three on their State Ticket, to wit :  Messrs. DEWEY, for Lieutenant Govern, BENTON, for Secretary of State, and PIERPONT, for Bank Comptroller, who was a candidate for Presidential Elector on the Brekinridge ticket, in 1960.  [John C. Breckinridge was one of two Democratic candidates for president in the 1860 election, and in the Civil War he served as a general in the Confederate States Army.]

— Brick Pomeroy [Marcus M. “Brick” Pomeroy] speaks of the Government as “The tyranic power now feasting and fattening on the hearts’ blood of our sons—out brothers—the people.”  We suppose Brick claims to be loyal, but he talks amazingly like a rebel.

— Jeff. Davis [Jefferson Davis] has ordered the release of all criminals in State Prisons, provided they join the Confederate Army and Navy.

WERE ALWAYS SO.—Now that the popular verdict of Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and Pennsylvania is known, the country will be full of anxious candidates from governor down to constable, on the side of the “Democracy,” who were always good Union men—always against Vallandigham,—always for a vigorous prosecution of the war,—always for sustaining “Old Abe,” and against “tother feller” Jeff. DAVIS,—always for making the d–d “nigger” fight, and always against making party issues.  Oh !  y-e-s !  of course !  to be sure.

STILL A COWARD.—Roger A. Pryor, of Virginia, a General in the rebel service, has been reduced to the ranks for cowardice, in some skirmishes on the Rapidan.  Those who remember Pryor’s furious speeches in Congress some years ago, and his conduct subsequently in the “affair” with Potter, will not be surprised at this announcement.

From The Prescott Journal:

 — Capt. SAM. HARRIMAN, Co. A, 30th, is home on a short furlough.

— Lt. L. D. GUNN has been appointed Post Quartermaster at Camp Washburne, Milwaukee.

Finger002  The “Iron Brigade” was at Culpepper [sic], Va., on the 21st.  These boys are never far from the front except in case of retreat.  Then they will always be found in the rear.—Madison Journal.

Finger002  Gen. GRANT [Ulysses S. Grant] has assumed command in Rosecrans’ department.

— HEAR GEN. GRANT.— “I am no abolitionist, I was never an anti slavery man, but I try to judge everything honestly and fairly.  I am satisfied that the North and South can never live together in peace except as one Nation and that a free nation.”  [Ulysses S. Grant]

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