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1863 October 31: “Inaction at this time on the part of loyal men is criminal folly”

November 6, 2013

A final political plug for why the The Polk County Press thought it was so important for men to vote for the Union, from the October 31, 1863, issue of the Press.


Do the friends of the Union living in this Assembly and Senatorial District, properly appreciate the importance of electing the Union candidates, HENRY D. BARRON to the Assembly, and AUSTIN H. YOUNG to the Senate ?  It will be remembered that the so-called democrats in the Legislature last winter and the winter before did all in their power to rob the families of soldiers of the aid which the State had promised them, and they partially succeeded.  Their CHIEF MAN was HENRY L. PALMER, now, now democratic candidate for Governor.  Their PRESENT efforts are directed with especial reference to getting control of the Legislature, and in that event all sources of relief will be withdrawn.

To prevent such an infamous consummation, the Union men MUST elect their candidates.  Not a single vote should be lost.  All honorable appliances must be brought to bear.  Facts and figures should be sown broad-cast.  Men should work at the polls.  In short, no stone must be left unturned.  The work of the enemy MUST be counteracted.

Let no Union man be deceived !  Inaction at this time on the part of loyal men is criminal folly ;  yea, it is an impeachment of their own patriotism.

Let the people of these Districts see to it that BARRON and YOUNG are elected to the Legislature, and that no such opponents of the Government as Ritchie [James S. Ritchie] and Lusk [David M. Lusk] be allowed to represent them this winter at Madison.

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