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1863 November 7: The Votes are Counted and “the United States is Ahead”

November 9, 2013

The following comes from the November 7, 1863, issue of The Polk County Press.


The people of Polk County have again deposited their votes in the ballot box.  The battle has been fought and the UNITED STATES is ahead.—The Union has been declared “one and inseparable;” the people have recorded that they are loyal, and stand firmly for the good old Stars and Stripes, Yankee Doodle, Bunker Hill, etc.  Patriotism and Honor are on the rise, while quietude, progress and prosperity dawn the brighter.—The people’s government is uppermost, and the chronic growlers rebuked once more.  The people are for themselves against all assailants ;  they have indicated their patriotism and love of country, while firmly reproving the rash and foolhardy few who resolutely pushed the Democratic party to the wall and sacrificed many good men in the vain hope that it would endorse their strange and un-American views.  Many of that party prefered [sic] defeat to dishonor, and united themselves under the banner of the Union party, rather than vote for men who know no duty to their country and spend their time in ranting against its government.  They could not and would not endorse the sentiment “war is disunion” and that “secession is no crime.”  Their sense of duty forbid a blind faith to party under such circumstances, and we have a result in consequence which, it is to be hoped, will be satisfactory.

The battle has been hotly contested, and Union principles and Union men have been victorious.  Well done faithful old Polk !  May you always stand as loyal and true as the victory just recorded has proven you to be.

Glory and victory is yet in store for the “old flag” and its bright and honored folds will yet wave over the land united under one Constitution and one Government.  All honor to the brave patriots of Polk.

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