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1863 November 7: Two Deaths in Company A of the 12th Wisconsin, and Other News

November 13, 2013

Following are the smaller items from the November 7, 1863, Prescott Journal and Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

 Finger002 A letter from the 12th Wis. says :  A few days ago C. A. Beebe, and last night Corp. J. M. George [sic: James McGeorge], of Co. A 12th Wisconsin, died. They were both good soldiers, and their loss to the company is irreparable.

 Finger002  There is no war news of importance this week.

 Finger002  River Falls did nobly for the Union State Ticket—rolling up an even 100 majority.  All honor to the banner Union town.

 Finger002  Oak Grove well redeemed herself on Tuesday, giving 22 Union majority.  The loyal democrats there do not propose to be dragged into copperheadism.

 Finger002  The splendid victories of Tuesday were not won by Republicans alone.  They were truly Union victories—the protest of loyal men against the action of all who would embarrass the Government—the pledge of aid to the Government in its work of crushing out the rebellion.

 Finger002  We have not received anything like full returns from the interior of the State, but have enough to warrant us in estimating the majority of the Union ticket at not less than fifteen thousand, on the home vote.  The soldiers’ vote will swell this glorious majority to twenty-five thousand.—Mil. Sentinel. [Milwaukee]

Finger002 Mr. Hatch says he expects the soldier votes have beaten him.  How unfortunate for a Union man to place himself in a position where he dreads the votes of the brave soldiers.

 Finger002  We have now a united North in support of the War and the Government, heartily, unconditionally, and to the end.  That’s the whole story in a nutshell. —Mil. Sentinel.

 Finger002  In Camp Randall Mr. Young and Mr. Elwell received 89 votes each; Lusk 1, Winn 21, Paine 2, Thayer 22, Hatch nary.  Lusk run one ahead of Hatch.  [Austin H. Young, Joseph S. Elwell, David M. Lusk, John W. Winn, Charles Thayer, W. T. Hatch]

 REBELLION AND SLAVERY.—“The rebellion is to slavery what a cough is to consumption, only its legitimate manifestation.  We cannot avoid the slavery question ;  we must settle it, or it will settle us most effectually forever.”  This plain language is from the Nashville Union.  It expresses not only the growing conviction of the whole people of the free States, but of every loyal man in the border and slave States, whether he be or not an owner of slaves.

From The Polk County Press:

— Election passed off quietly in this place as well as in other towns in the County.  There was plenty of work done by both parties and the result is highly gratifying to Union candidates.

ALL HAIL THE BANNER TOWN !—Lincoln is the Banner town in the County this year.  Nary a “Dimokrat” there.  She sends in her regular 15 votes all for the Union.  Bully for little Lincoln.

—  On the 30th Gen. Hooker [Joseph Hooker] was attacked by the rebels near Chattanooga, and after a severe battle repulsed them with great loss.

—  Horace Greely is writing a History of the War, for which a Hartford publishing house is to pay him the sum of ten thousand dollars.

Size of Meade’s Army.

A distinguished Washington official stated the other day that with the new conscripts, and the reinforcements from the immediate vicinity released by the employment of the Invalid Corps to man the forts, Gen. MEADE’s Army now numbers 90,000 men.  [George G. Meade]

—  The female soldiers discovered in the disguise of regular uniforms, are said to be good fighters.  The women who wear the breeches always are.

— A private letter from Detroit says:— “Vallandigham is terribly cast down by the result in Ohio.  He is fast putting an enemy in his mouth to steal away his brains.” [Clement L. Vallandigham]

—  The vote on the proposition for a State government in Nevada Territory was 8,162 in favor, and 1,502 against.  Nevada bids fair to come into the Union before her more Eastern sister Nebraska.

—  It is stated that while the South has lost over 200,000 soldiers within eighteen months the North has gained a population of 250,000 by immigration, which will largely exceed her loss by the casualties of war.

—  The patterns have been made and the preparations commenced at the Fort Pitt Foundry, Pittsburg [sic], for the casting of a gun which will have a bore of twenty inches.  Its length will be twenty feet, and its greatest diameter at the breech five feet four inches.  It will weigh about fifty-seven tons.

—  The Buffalo Aurora, a German paper, gives the following as the names of the Roman Catholic Generals now in the army of the United States:  [William S.] Rosecrans, [John G.] Foster, [Quincy A.] Gilmore [sic], [John] Newton, [William H.] French, Stone, [Michael] Corcoran, [Edward O.C.] Ord, [Amiel Weeks] Whipple, [James] Shields, [Thomas Francis] Meagher, [Eliakim P.] Scammon, [James A.] Mulligan, [John] Gibbon, [George] Crook, and [Michael K.] Lawler.

— The quotas apportioned under the last call so far as heard from are as followed :

Maine, .  .  .  .  .  . 7,591
New Hampshire,   .  .  .  .  .  . 3,763
Vermont, .  .  .  .  .  . 3,331
Massachusetts, .  .  .  .  .  . 15,126
Connecticut, .  .  .  .  .  . 3,432
New York, .  .  .  .  .  . 38,268
Delaware, .  .  .  .  .  . 1,156
Indiana, .  .  .  .  .  . 18,997
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