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1863 November 14: “The lull of the present is only the prelude to the coming storm”

November 17, 2013

Two smallish articles from the November 13, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.

A Forward Movement.

The intimations of the many correspondents of the eastern journals, that the Army of the Cumberland will go into winter quarters, are as valueless as so many speculations in regard to the complexion of the inhabitants of the moon—valueless, because false.  The winter quarters of that army will be in Atlanta, in the heart of Georgia and from that point the forms of peace to the rebels, their Confederacy being smashed, will be dictated.  Either this prediction will be realized in events, or the army that has done so much and deserved so well, will be routed and destroyed.  The lull of the present is only the prelude to the coming storm which will crush the rebel army out of all the Southwest ;  and we can assure our readers that they have not long to wait before hearing the rolling of the thunder that shall announce the army’s exploits.  It is too much to say that victory is certain.  The chances of battle are beyond the extremest  human wisdom and foresight ;  but we may declare that whatever human foresight and wisdom can do to deserve victory has with the means at the Government’s disposal, been done ;  and if the prize that is sought eludes the grasp of our commanders, their failure will be due to events beyond their control.  With Grant [Ulysses S. Grant], whose name is a synonym for victory ;  with Thomas [George H. Thomas], whose courage and discretion have been proved ;  with the impetuous and daring Hooker [Joseph Hooker], as the master spirits of the occasion ;  and with an army burning to wipe out the stain of recent defeat, we do not see where the word “fail” is to come in.—Chicago Tribune.

What is the Size of our Army ?

Very interesting statistics are given in the Army and Navy Gazette which afford material for an approximate estimate of the numbers now in the field on the side of the Union.

The Nation, without counting the border States, has sent 1,068,769 three years men to the war. Allowing the waste in two years to be 50 percent of the whole, and we have 534,000 veterans now under arms.  Adding to these the 200,000 men raised by enlistment and draft the present year, and we have an army of over 730,000 men.  This must be at least 330,000 men more than the rebels can muster.

With such a preponderance the war should roll on apace and the rebels be gratified wherever they are “spoiling for a fight.”

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