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1863 November 28: List of Men Drafted in Pierce County

December 3, 2013

From the November 28, 1863, issue of The Prescott Journal.  As with the list of men drafted in Polk County, most of these men do not seem to have served in a Wisconsin regiment.  Several of them, however, seeing the handwriting on the wall they joined up in one of the existing companies from this area—the Prescott Guards or the Hudson City Guards.


List of Men Drafted in

PRESCOTT—Number Drafted 8.
Hiram Newman. Wm. A. Boughton.
Henry S. Parks Augustus Ruley.
A. Rudy. Howard Harvey.
Rowland Libby. John Blourock.
RIVER FALLS—Number Drafted 8.
A. F. Hart. N. F. Parsons.
E. C. Holcomb. H. A. Stone.
C. A. McKee. G. R. Griffin.
Arthur Childs. John Braithwait.
TRIMBELLE—Number Drafted 7.
Wm. Dickerson David Mc Laughlin.
Wm. Thurston. Harman Keller.
Joseph Severance. Andrew Bennett.
W. W. Wilson
CLIFTON—Number Drafted 5.
C. P. Pollard. Geo. T. Gunn.
Bishop Gordon. Samuel Rollins.
J. W. Hamilton.
MARTEL [sic]—Number Drafted 7.
Svenuny Halverson. Chris. Hellum.
Jacob Johnson. Halver Jorgenson.
Thore Svenson. Christian Tufte.
Berger Olson.
OAK GROVE—Number Drafted 11.
Geo. W. Dickerson. N. B. Hyatt.
John Filkins. Merrill Hare.
F. L. Tripp. Fred Hardy.
J. P. House. G. L. Crook.
T. L. Danforth. Newton Marcy.
Frank Labrash.
DIAMOND BLUFF—Number Drafted 4.
Tim McCue. Michael McCue.
Haden Wylie. Wm. Castelio.
EL PASO—Number Drafted 4.
Hilton Green. Jackson Culbertson.
Fred Fisher. Peter Schmitt.
HARTLAND—Number Drafted 3.
Chas. P. Brown. Davis Taber.
Henry Pulk.
TRENTON—Number Drafted 2.
James Goodwin. Rowlin Read.
ISABEL—Number Drafted 1.
Thomas Nelson.
Milton J. Paine. Hugh Pritchard.
Wm. Ridgman. R. M. Sands.
Gotleib Scheilegger. John O’Brien.
Rudolph Kaiser.
PERRY—Number Drafted 3.
Alfred Mikels, X. Beden.
John Johnson,


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  1. December 3, 2013 8:40 pm

    I am wondering if it would be okay to reprint this list in the St. Croix Valley Genealogical Society newsletter? Since it was first posted in The Prescott Journal, I would think it would be okay, but just wanted to double-check. Does the ARC have any other complete lists of men who served in the Civil War from Pierce or St. Croix Counties?


    • December 4, 2013 8:27 am

      Yes, that would be fine. Just credit the UW-River Falls Area Research Center and the blog. This is a particularly good list for genealogists because most of these men did not serve, so you don’t find them in the soldier records of the time.

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