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1863 November 28: News of Robert C. Murphy, William Hutchins, George Clements, Jerry Heath, and Other News

December 4, 2013

Following are the smaller items from The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal of November 28, 1863.

From The Polk County Press:

— Provost Marshal VINCENT [William J. Vincent] is busy notifying the drafted men in this and Burnett County.  We suppose he will be an unwelcome visitor to many.

— Thanksgiving day passed off in a quiet manner in this village. Divine services were held at the school house, and doubtless many turkeys and chickens suffered in the “private places.”

— The Milwaukee news says that Col. R. C. MURPHY, formerly of Falls St. Croix, now residing at Washington, and who was cashiered by gen. Grant [Ulysses S. Grant] for the surrender of Holly Springs,—has been reinstated by the President [Abraham Lincoln].

— A correspondent giving the result of the election in this District in the Daily State Journal, thus speaks in regard to the contest on Assemblyman :

A bitter and unscrupulous opposition to Judge Barron [Henry D. Barron], has been waged night and day by that part of the “unterrified,” who have more curses for such Democrats as Buttler [sic: Benjamin F. Butler], Dix, Dickinson [Daniel S. Dickinson], and Carpenter [Matthew H. Carpenter], than for Jeff. Davis [Jefferson Davis] & Co.  His cordial support of the Administration and the war, in the Legislature of last winter was very offensive to the copperhead gentry of this county.

— H. A. Taylor, editor of the “Hudson City times,” was among the lucky ones who drew prizes in the recent draft.  Well “HOD” how does being a “conscript” seem, anyhow?

— D. J. HITZ, formerly of St. Croix Falls, and at one time publisher of the “St. Croixian,” published at that place is among those drafted in Hudson.

— A letter from Idaho Territory says that the boys of Captain Fisk’s expedition, are up to their eyes in a gold mine.  The miners making from $20 to $600 per day.  All well.  Provisions very high.  It is claimed that the gold mines of this region are the richest ever opened to the adventurer.

— The draft in Milwaukee has made a terrible raid on the telegraph, catching four operators as follows;—Charles E. Weller, Alfred Weller, E. M. Sharp, and J. H. Nye.

VOTE OF THE IRON SECOND.— By our table it will be seen that Palmer [Henry L. Palmer] only received seven votes among the veterans of the second.  The regiment showed its love for its old commander, Gen. Fairchild [Lucius Fairchild], by giving him all its votes but one, for Secretary of State.

IMPORTANT DECISION.—The Provost Marshal General has recently decided that when a drafted man either furnishes a substitute or pays the three hundred dollars commutation money, he is exempted from military service for the space of three years.

THE LATEST “BIG THING.” — An unterrified Copperhead editor down East, has recently brought out the Copperhead pyramid for 1863.  It is as follows:


From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  There is to be another draft in this county in about four weeks, unless our quota is filled by volunteering. poor men with families, who are subject to the draft, are inexcusable if they do not avail themselves of the system of clubbing together, so that they may be sure of the means to procure exemption, if they cannot go.

Finger002  We hear that the town of River Falls contemplates raising a tax to pay a bounty to volunteers to fill their quota for the next call.  Such a move is talked of here.

Finger002  We trust the County Board will make provision to pay the families of drafted men, who are needy—the same bounty they pay to the families of volunteers.  It will be but just to do so.

Finger002  W. W. Hutchins,¹ and George Clements,² of Co. B. 6th Reg. “Iron Brigade,” are in town.  Jerry Heath,³ formerly of the same Co., who was wounded at the battle of South Mountain, and discharged, has also returned.


Nov. 1861, the Lord saw fit to take one of my little girls out of the family circle, which caused great lamentation in the family.  August, 1862, I gave a boy to the army for the good cause of the Union.4  Nov. 27, 1863, the Lord saw fit to bless me by my wife, by replacing two in their place, the one a boy, who shouted “Union forever !” as soon as he was born ;  and the other a girl, who I doubt will follow the father’s former footsteps, Copperhead.

Dated this 30th day of Nov. 1863.

1.  William W. Hutchins, from Prescott, enlisted May 10, 1861, in the Prescott Guards, which became Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. In July 1864 he will become the captain of the company and be killed in action a month later.
2.  George R. Clements, also from Prescott, also enlisted on May 10, 1861. He will survive the War.
3.  Jeremiah Heath, also from Prescott, also enlisted May 10, 1861. He was wounded at the Battle of South Mountain (September 14, 1862) and was discharged on February 9, 1863, with a “disability.”
4.  Peter M. Simons, from Oak Grove, enlisted August 13, 1862 in Company F (Salamon Tigers) of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry. He was transferred to Company I on October 23, 1862, and mustered out with the company on September 20, 1865.

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