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1863 December 5: Northwest Wisconsin Quotas

December 5, 2013

The following is from the December 5, 1863, issue of The Polk County Press.

Citizens of Polk county [sic] Attention!

Adjutant General GAYLORD [Augustus Gaylord] sends us the following General Order concerning the President’s call for 300,000 volunteers :  Let every one read it, and take into consideration what is best to be done in order to fill our quota.  We think a public meeting should be immediately called to take the matter into consideration.

MADISON, Nov. 23, 1863. }


Under the call of the President of the United States, dated October 17, A. D. 1863, for 300,000 Volunteers to serve for three years or the war ;  the quota of Wisconsin is 10,281, there being 74,976 persons of the first class enrolled, according to official reports.

This number may be raised  by voluntary enlistment in any of the old regiments or batteries, or in the 35th regiment Infantry, or 13th Light Artillery, now organizing in the State.  If the quota above given is not filled by volunteer enlistments, a draft is ordered by the general Government on the 5th of January, 1864, to supply the deficiency then existing.

The quotas of the several towns and wards in the State under this call, are given in the table annexed, and are assigned in accordance with the number of men of the first class in each town or ward, enrolled by the U. S. District Provost Marshals.  The quotas of Districts as given have been assigned by the War Department.— Credits will be allowed for all volunteers who may hereafter enlist in either of the above named organizations, or who may have heretofore enlisted from the several localities, in any of the old regiments in the field, since the date of the call, (Oct. 17th.).

Authority to recruit will be given by the Assistant Provost Marshal General, or either of the District Provost Marshals of the State, who are also authorized to accept and muster recruits, and provide transportation to camps of rendezvous.

The following bounties and premium will be paid by the Government to volunteers in old regiments, to-wit :   To Veterans, viz., persons who have been in the military service of the United States not less than nine months, $402.00, as follows :  One months pay $13, in advance, with bounty and premium when mustered into the service, $62, making $75.00 in advance ;  $50 more in two months ;  $50 in six months ;  $50 in twelve months ;  $50 in eighteen months ;  $50 in twenty-four months ;  $50 in thirty months, and the ballance [sic] of $40 at the expiration of the three years service.

To new recruits and those who have been in the service less than nine months, who shall enlist in old regiments, $302, as follows :  One months pay in advance $13, with bounty and premium when mustered into the service $62, making $75

Volunteers in new organizations get $100 bounty :  One months pay $13 and $27 advance bounty said premium on being mustered, and the balance at the expiration of the three years service.

The following premium will be paid by the District Provost Marshals to any person other than a Commissioned Officer who shall bring in accepted recruits, to wit :  For veterans, $25.00 ;  for recruits, not veterans, $ 15.00.

The Governor refers the people again to his Proclamation of the 24th of October.  Other States are making active exertions to raise their quotas by volunteering, and it is hoped that the patriotic citizens in the several towns and cities will by earnest cooperation, through public meetings, and such other means as they may deem proper, also secure the full quota of Wisconsin by voluntary enlistments and thereby obviate the necessity of a further draft in this State.

By order of the Governor.

Adjutant General.

[Here follows a complete list of every town and county in the State, with their quotas carried out in figures, which we are unable to put in type.]

We give the counties in full in this and adjoining Assembly District, which are as follows :

Oak Grove 9 Isabella
Trimbell 5 Prescott 14
Diamond Bluff 3 Martell 8
Trenton 3 River Falls 13
Hartland 2 Clifton 7
Perry 3 Salem    1
Union 2
Total 76
Rush River 7 Star Prairie 8
Troy 9 St. Joseph 3
Warren 4 Hammond 8
Pleasant Valley 4 Emerald 2
Eau Galle 6 Springfield 3
Malone 6 Richmond 6
Hudson t’wn & w’ds 25 Ceylon [sic] 2
Somerset 3 Erin Prairie    7
Total 103
Osceola 6 Alden 2
Farmington 5 Lincoln 1
St. Croix Falls 9 Sterling    1
Total 24
Wood River 1 Clam River    1
Total 2
Superior 8
La Pointe 1
Bayfield 2
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