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1863 December 5: The Week’s News — Chattanooga Campaign, Rio Grande Expedition, John Hunt Morgan Escapes

December 5, 2013

The following articles are from the December 5, 1863, issues of The Prescott Journal and  The Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

The News.

— The news of the week past is not of great interest.  Grant’s [Ulysses S. Grant] recent victory gains in proportions as the particulars come in.  He has drove Bragg [Braxton Bragg] from his stronghold, taken six thousand prisoners, and a large amount of arms, released Burnside [Ambrose E. Burnside] from peril, and placed Longstreet [James Longstreet] in a position from which it is doubtful if he can extricate himself.

— The news of the escape of the guerrilla chief, John Morgan, from the Ohio State penitentiary, is confirmed.—He is now in Canada.

— There seems to be no prospect of an immediate battle in Virginia.  Meade [George G. Meade] will doubtless establish his army in a new and advanced position.

From The Polk County Press:

The News.

Through the kindness of our friend ED. ARMSTRONG we are able to lay before our readers the very latest news up to the 3d inst.

The Chattanooga victory increases with age.  We have 7,000 prisoners, 75 cannon, and Bragg is fleeing southward.  On occupying the Chickamauaga [sic] battle field it was found that the rebels had cut off the heads of our prisoners and placed them upon stumps and poles.  We should expect just such deeds would be enacted by the fiendish devils.

Our loss in all the battles in front of Chickamauga is reported to be 3,500.

John Morgan escaped from the Ohio Penitentiary Friday night and succeeded in reaching Toronto, Canada, on the 27th inst.  The escape was effected by digging under the floor and thence to a sewer which empties into the river.  Vallandigham [Clement L. Vallandigham] will now have an agreeable companion and the two together will be able to originate another plot.—Morgan has learned from Vallandigham how to travel and will probably run the blockade into the Confederacy via. Nassau and Wilmington.

Gen. Banks [Nathaniel P. Banks] telegraphs the President that he has captured Brazos Island, Point Isabel, and Brownsville, besides Corpus Christi, Arkansas City and several smaller places.

Dispatches from Burnside dated 25th ult., have reached Washington.  Longstreet attacked him that day with three brigades, three miles from Knoxville on the south side of the river, but was repulsed.  Later reports say he is retreating towards Virginia.  The rebel Wheeler [Joseph Wheeler], noted for guerrilla warfare, was defeated at Kingston, last week, with a loss of 400 men.

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