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1863 December 12: Update on Colonel Robert C. Murphy’s Plight

December 17, 2013

Following is an article reprinted from the Milwaukee News on Robert C. Murphy, former Colonel of the 8th Wisconsin Infantry.  It was printed by The Polk County Press in its December 12, 1863, issue.

We are gratified to learn that Col. R. C. Murphy, who was dismissed the service immediately after the affair at Holly Springs about eighteen months ago, has been fully restored by the President to the rank in the volunteer service of which he was wrongfully deprived.  After his dismissal, Col. Murphy sought redress at Washington.  His case was referred to Judge Advocate Holt [Joseph Holt] who made a full investigation of the facts and reported that there existed no cause for his dismissal.  Notwithstanding this report, under the red tape system prevailing at Washington, the case was deferred until the present time, when the President has found time to confirm the report and to do justice to as capable and as brave an officer as ever went from Wisconsin.

Col. Murphy has been published as “disloyal” by all the leading administration papers of this state, for no other reason than that he was a democrat when appointed to command his regiment.  As the administration now itself admits that the charge was wholly unfounded, the opportunity is an excellent one for those presses to retract their slanders without rendering themselves reliable to the frowns of their masters.—Milwaukee News.

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  1. Linda Bryan permalink
    December 18, 2013 11:09 am

    The more things change, the more they are the same, it would seem. Politics can interfere with the destiny of living, breathing lives. Interesting that Lincoln had time and inclination
    to rectify things like this. .

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