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1863 December 26: Another Update on Colonel Murphy

December 31, 2013

The following short update on Colonel Robert C. Murphy is from the December 26, 1863, issue of The Polk County Press.

COL. MURPHY.—A friend writing us from Washington concerning the recent restoration of Col. MURPHY, of this County, to his old rank and command, says :

“The President referred Murphy’s case, last May, to Judge Advocate Holt [Joseph Holt], for a report thereon, and promised Senator Doolittle [Wisconsin’s senator, James R. Doolittle], and other friends of Murphy, that if the report exorotate [sic] him, he should be restored, whether such restoration pleased or displeased Republican or Democratic politicians.  On the 30th day of May, last, Judge Holt filed his report in favor of Murphy in the War Department, from the files of which, some rascal stole it, before it reached the President.  The fact of this report having been completed and filed did not reach the President, in the midst of his many cares and duties, until about the first day of November last.  “Old Abe” after some investigation, failed to find the thief or the paper, and directed the U. S. Judge Advocate to make and file another, which he did on the 21st day of November last.  This report entirely exonerates Murphy from all blame, and the President has ordered to be recinded [sic], the military order that dismissed him, the effect of which now is, to put him back into the service with the rank of Colonel, and to give him full Colonel’s pay from the day of his dismissal at Holly Springs¹.  Murphy will probably go on the Staff of Gen. Casey [Silas Casey] now.”

1.  The Raid on Holly Springs was December 20, 1862. Murphy was officially dismissed as of January 10, 1863.

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