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1863 December 26: “There is no war news of importance this week”—But Plenty of Small Items

December 31, 2013

Following are the smaller items from the December 26, 1863, issues of The Polk County Press: and The Prescott Journal.  The two editors seem to have put their newspapers to bed before Christmas Day and instead will be taking the upcoming week off.

From The Polk County Press:

— There is no war news of importance this week.

— Rebel losses at Knoxville are reported at 5,000; national loss, 1,000.

— The father of Gen. Sigel [Franz Sigel], died in Germany on the 17th of August last.

— A dispatch from Concord states that New Hampshire is rapidly filling up her new quota of troops by volunteering.

— The Monitor Weehawken sunk at anchor inside the Charleston bar on Sunday the 6th inst., carrying down four engineers and twenty-six of the crew.  It is expected she will be raised.

— Our of the fifteen regiment of nine months’ men from Massachusetts who went to the war, there were but 117 killed or died from wounds.

— The Supreme Court of Iowa has decided that the law allowing soldiers to vote is Constitutional and valid.—The seat of Hon. J. B. Grinnel and the election of a large number of the Members of the Iowa Legislature was contingent upon this decision.

— The rebels hold Union officers prisoners at Richmond as follows :—One Brigadier General, 14 Colonels, 23 Lieut. Colonels, 28 Majors, 246 Captains, 264 First Lieutenants, 297 Second Lieutenants.  They will now soon be exchanged.

— It is said that the question of reconstruction will be fearlessly advocated in the rebel Congress now in session at Richmond, and that many of the “last ditch” fellows are inclined to favor it.  The President’s last proclamation will be a good basis for them to work on.

— The Oconto Pioneer says that in the rebel army the Generals Bragg [Braxton Bragg], Polk [Leonidas Polk] and Cheatam [Benjamin F. Cheatham].  To them the hero of Vicksburg has been turning his attention, and the people of the North have about come to the conclusion that he can play at Polk-er, Bragg, and Cheat-em too!

From The Prescott Journal:


— Recruiting is going on briskly.—Most of the towns in the county are offering extra bounties, and their quotas are nearly full.

— The Reporter says River Falls was honored by a visit from Capt. Maxson [Orrin T. Maxson].  The Capts’ face is well browned by Southern suns, but we will bet he blushed clear through the tan at this exhibition of toadyism.

— Rev. A. B. Peabody was exempted from the draft on account of his age.

— We learn from the State Journal that Col. DILL [Daniel J. Dill] has received orders to remove the 30th Reg. to Camp Washburne [sic], Milwaukee.

— The JOURNAL is the only paper in the St. Croix Valley which published the President’s Message.

— W. H. York [William H. York], of the 20th, is Post Quartermaster at Brownsville, Texas.

— The Hastings Democrat hoists the name of Geo. B. McClellan, as a candidate for the Presidency.  It won’t win.

Finger002  From the beginning the President [Abraham Lincoln] has waited for the People.  He has made sure of a solid foundation of popular support before he would take a step forward ;  yet every step forward has been in the right direction.  If the process has seemed slow to the impatience of an impulsive and ardent Radicalism—it is not, as many have thought, because he has been mentally slow to arrive at positive conclusions ;  but because the People were slow to give him a united or preponderating support in carrying out his convictions.

BEECHER ON THE PRESIDENT.—In his Thanksgiving sermon, H. W. Beecher spoke thus of the President :  “We owe a debt of gratitude to God for the Chief Magistrate of our land.  He is wisely and surely pioneering the way to the liberty of this nation.  One man there was whom God’s hand had ordained to break our foreign bondage.  If it were possible to honor more than him another whom God has ordained to break the bondage of a worse oppression in our land, then the second should be greater than the first ;  but joined together, one and inseparable, we shall hereafter hear on jubilees the shouts, “Washington and Lincoln—the fathers.”

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