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1864 January 2: Jerry Flint Busy Recruiting

January 3, 2014

In its December 26, 1863, issue The Prescott Journal’s editor declared, “There will be no paper issued from this office next week [January 2, 1864], except an advertising sheet.  We follow the usual custom of printers, and take a holiday in the holidays.”

The Polk County Press’ editor wrote, “We issue but a half-sheet this week, owing to the holidays.  In so doing, we but exercise a printer’s privilege to celebrate.”

That does not give us much news to work with, so we will be posting some articles that we did not have room for last week.  The following small items, however, are from the January 2, 1864, issue of The Polk County Press.

— Gen. JOHN MORGAN [John Hunt Morgan], who recently escaped from the Penitentiary at Columbus, has arrived within the rebel lines en-route for Richmond.

— The official vote of Wisconsin has just been canvassed.  It stands: Lewis (Union) 79,934 ;  Palmer (Copperhead) 55,199.  Union majority 24,815.  [James T. LewisHenry L. Palmer]

— Since the beginning of the war nine printers have enlisted from this office, besides Ye Editor who didn’t enlist and was “grafted.”—Hudson Times.

— HENRY FRENCH¹ has enlisted in Co. G., 4th cavalry, and has been credited to the town of Osceola.  He has brought up blanks &c., from Sergt. FLINT,² recruiting officer at Hudson, for the 4th Reg., and men wishing to volunteer can be examined, sworn into the service immediately, without going to Hudson.  Their names will be forwarded to Madison as soon as necessary papers are signed, and the bounties will be paid them as soon as they are accepted.

1.  Henry T. French enlisted December 26, 1863. In May 1864 he will be transferred to Co. A, 4th Wisconsin Cavalry.
2.  This is our letter-writer Jerry E. Flint.²  We have not had letters from Jerry in a long time because he was home recruiting.  Jerry did quite well with his recruiting efforts, picking up 37 men for Company G, from late October 1863 to early January 1864:

Mark B. Anderson Dec. 19 Elliott J. Dodge Dec. 27 Charles P. Nichols Oct. 23
Gilbert Anderson Jan. 4 William H. Fuller Dec. 19 John S. Noble Dec. 26
Mathis A. Anderson Jan. 4 Richard G. Folger Dec. 23 Patrick O’Neil Dec. 16
Andrew Bennett Dec. 24 William R.K. Gibson Dec. 22 Hans P. Olsen Jan. 4
Albert Bentley Dec. 19 George H.D. Goodwin Dec. 15 John Parks Dec. 1
James H. Brayton Nov. 18 Jesse S. Hamilton Nov. 13 Solomon Parrott Dec. 18
Gilbert E. Bushnell Dec. 24 Ira Hayford Dec. 19 Roswell V. Pratt Nov. 7
David R. Beal Dec. 18 Ossian C. Hicks Dec. 24 Commodore P. Rogers Dec. 26
George H. Courtwright Nov. 25 John Humphrey Dec. 30 Thomas Stout Dec. 18
Nathan S. Carr Dec. 28 Charles G. Knowles Dec. 24 Samuel A. Sturtevant Dec. 22
Lyman H. Carlton Dec. 24 George W. Mason Dec. 21 John H. Sausman Dec. 19
David Davis Dec. 19 Henry McGuire Dec. 30 James M. Tozer Dec. 24
John M. Wadsworth Dec. 29

The Regimental Muster and Descriptive Rolls (Wisconsin Adjutant General’s Office), commonly known as the “Red Books,” include when a soldier was enlisted and by whom, and when he was mustered and by whom. The University Archives and Area Research at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls has microfilm copies of the complete set for all regiments (River Falls Micro 183; a finding aid is available online).

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