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1864 January 2: Bounties Offered — “Turn out volunteers!”

January 4, 2014

The following is from the January 2, 1864, issue of The Polk County Press.

Polk County:

$200 Bounty.

The County Board of Supervisors which met in this village [Osceola] on Monday, passed a resolution to give every volunteer who should enlist before the coming draft the sum of $200.00 as a bounty.  Now is the time for men who are situated so as to leave their homes to enlist.  They cannot only serve their country, but make money besides.  Look at the figures.  A man enlisting gets,

From the County of Polk $200.00
   ”     ”    Towns probably $150.00
   ”     ”    Government $302.00
If married from the County
     $5.00 per month $60.00
$5.00 per month from State    $60.00
If a single man $652.00

Since the breaking out of the war there has been no such opportunity offered.

Our quota is twenty-four men, and of this number we understand that the town of Farmington has secured five, her quota.  St. Croix Falls has thus far secured one, leaving eight to raise.  There is also one offered for Osceola but we presume the quota will be raised.  We think that with this liberal bounty our quota will be raised and the county escape a draft.  If men will take the matter in hand NOW and go to work, the quota can be raised.  Let all lend a helping hand.  Turn out volunteers!

Town of Osceola:

TOWN MEETING.—The electors of the Town of Osceola met at the Court House in this village on Tuesday last, and passed a resolution to pay to each of six volunteers, to fill the quota of the town of Osceola, under the last call of the President [Abraham Lincoln] for 300,000 men, the sum of $150.  The meeting then adjourned until Monday afternoon, the 28th inst., at two o’clock, p. m.  Let every man come out and help the good work along.

If the citizens of our county will but make an effort, our quota can be furnished without a draft.  Let every town in the county call meetings, and get up a town bounty immediately.  The County board should also offer a liberal bounty when they meet next Monday.  The day of the coming draft is drawing near and what is done should be done NOW !  Come, wake up old fogies and “pitch in.”

Town of Farmington:

— At a town meeting held in Farmington, it was decided to give each volunteer from that town $150.00 in addition to the county bounty.

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