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1864 January 2: Credit for Volunteers

January 6, 2014

Following are two articles from the January 2, 1864, issue of The Polk County Press.

CREDIT FOR VOLUNTEERS.—Owing to the fact that no credits were given in the last draft to localities where a surplus of volunteers had been raised, there is considerable apprehension that no credits will be given hereafter, and a manifest disposition among many to give a cold support to the efforts being made to get recruits.—That credits are to be given hereafter to each town for the volunteers it furnishes, is beyond doubt.  Every town furnishing the quota assigned to is [sic] will escape the draft ;  and if it fails to raise the full number, will be credited for what it does furnish.—Capt. B. F. Cooper, says upon this subject:

“All sub-districts who furnish their quota under this last call, will not be liable to the draft of January 5th, 1864, and will be credited for whatever number they furnish.  It should be understood that all enlistments will be credited to this last call.”

We also have a circular from the Adjutant General of the State in which he says:

“Credits will be allowed for all volunteers who may hereafter enlist, or who may have heretofore enlisted from the several localities in any of the old regiments in the field, since the date of the call, (October 17th.)”

This is plain and to the point.—Now let us use every effort to raise the quota of this county by volunteering, and escape the next draft.  It can easily be done if all our citizens will work unitedly to that end.—Hudson Times.

The Fifty per Cent.

A great deal of inquiry has been made whether the quotas assigned to the different towns includes the 50 per cent.  The editor of the Prescott “Journal” has addressed a letter to Adj. Gen. GAYLORD [August Gaylord], in regard to this subject, and the following is his reply:

DEAR SIR.— Lt. Col. Lovell [Charles S. Lovell], Ass’t Provost Marshal General of the State, has no advises from Washington, enabling me to give positive answer to your inquiry.  Col. Lovell’s opinion is that if the draft is made for the quota, or a portion of it, in any locality, the fifty per cent will be added to cover exemptions.  But if the quota of any locality, as published in General Order No. 21, from this Office, is filled by volunteering, that will end the matter, and no draft will be made from that locality.

Draft, if made, will be from “First Class.”

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