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1864 January 9: Polk County’s Townships Recruit Volunteers to Fill Quotas

January 10, 2014

From The Polk County Press of January 9, 1864.


At a town meeting held at the Court House in this village, on Saturday afternoon last, the citizens of the town there assembled , voted a special tax of twelve hundred dollars to be equally divided between six volunteers to fill the town quota under the the [sic] last call was made for volunteers, and R. KENT came forward and was sworn into the service for Co. D., 2d Wis. Cavalry.  The meeting then adjourned to meet at the Osceola House at seven o’clock in the evening, and at the appointed hour, the meeting was called to order by Wm. Kent jr. [sic], Chairman of the Town Board, who again called for volunteers, whereupon George S. Clark, E. C. Treadwell, and Isaac Hale came forward and enlisted in Co. D, 2d Wis. Cavalry.—Hearty cheers were given for each man as he came forward and expressed his willingness to join “the brave boys in blue.”  These completed the quota for the town of Osceola, which calls for six men.  The volunteers are as follows :— George S. Clark, A. J. Clark, Edgar C. Treadwell, Robert N. Kent, Isaac Hale, and Henry T. French.


The citizens of this town also held town meetings, and voted to raise a town bounty of $200 for each volunteer to fill their quota.  With this bounty they made up their quota without any trouble.  The following is the list of volunteers for this town :—Jerome Fish, George W. Davis, Willis Scott, E. D. Whitney, and S. Frank.


The town of St. Croix Falls has also raised her quota.  We have not yet learned their volunteer’s names, but shall publish them as soon as received.


Has raised one volunteer, Mr. Tamset, her quota being two, they have raised $100.00 Town bounty.

The towns of Sterling and Lincoln have not, as we have learned, raised any men.  Their quotas are one each.

The men listed in this article served in the following companies:

  • Andrew J. Clark — Company D, 2nd Cavalry
  • George S. Clark — Company D, 2nd Cavalry
  • George W. Davis — Company C, 7th Infantry
  • Jerome Fish — Company D, 2nd Cavalry
  • S. Frank — ?
  • Henry T. French — Company C, 4th Cavalry
  • Isaac Hale — Company D, 2nd Cavalry
  • Robert N. Kent — Company D, 2nd Cavalry
  • Willis Scott — Company F, 30th Infantry
  • Samuel Tamset — Company D, 1st Infantry
  • Edgar C. Treadwell — Company D, 2nd Cavalry
  • Edwin E. Whitney — Company F, 7th Infantry.
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