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1864 January 16: The Draft Postponed Again; Grant to be a Lieutenant General

January 17, 2014

Following is The Prescott Journal’s summary of the “war news” for the week, published January 16th, 1864.


— The draft is postponed till the 15th of February.  The large Government bounties are continued.  Soldiers now in the field, who re-enlist, will be credited on the next draft.

— The terms of only 20,000 veterans expire before the 1st of July.  They are re-enlisting rapidly.

— There are 40,000 contrabands along the Mississippi, 15,000 of whom are in the army.

— We learn from Washington that Washburne’s¹ bill to appoint GRANT a Lt. General will soon be reported ;  the old Committee on the conduct of the War is to be revived ;  a committee on Emancipation is to be raised ;  and five Major Generals and twenty Brigadiers are to be restored to civil life.  [Ulysses S. Grant]

— It is said that  Charleston is being gradually destroyed by fire, and nothing now prevents its capture when the admiral wills it.  If his desire was as strong as that of the people at home, it would soon be destroyed.

— Gen. Grant has written to the War Department, expressing the conviction that the time has now come when the armies of the union should be placed under the command of one General, so that there may be that unity of action at all points necessary to insure success.

 1.  Elihu Benjamin Washburne (1816-1887), a brother of Wisconsin’s C.C. Washburn, was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Illinois from 1853 to 1869. Washburne supported his fellow Illinoisan, President Abraham Lincoln, and was a leader of the Radical Republicans and strong supporter of General Ulysses Grant. After the War President Grant appointed him the U.S. Minister to France (1869-1877), and for 11 days he was the U.S. Secretary of State (March 5-16, 1869).

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