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1864 January 16: To the Returning Soliders of Company B (6th Infantry)

January 20, 2014

From the January 16, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.



Co. B. 6th Reg., Capt. Rollin P. Converse, having re-enlisted, have been furloughed, and are daily expected home.  It is the intention of the citizens here to give them the welcome they so well deserve.  There will be a supper and “other things accordin’,” to which all are invited to contribute.  The following are the committees to make arrangements ;—

Let the boys have a rousing welcome.

On Reception—Messrs. P. Converse, A. A. Meacham, Geo. P. Smith, J. W. Beardsley, Geo. A. Dill.

On Supper—Messrs. C. P. Barnard, J. B. Parkhurst, E. N. Redmon, Levi Bailey of Clifton, W. C. Deninison of Oak Grove, D. W. Armstrong of Trimbelle.

Ladies, Mrs. Wm. Howes, Mrs. J. W. Hill, Mrs. M. C. Goss, Mrs. L. R. Smith, Mrs. P. Felt.

On Music—Messrs. G. H. Nichols, S. A. Porter, A. J. Young.

On Finance—Messrs. L. A. Taylor, W. P. Westfall, J. C. Button.

To The Returned Soldiers.¹


Warm welcome home, ye noble northern bands.
We bid you welcome with our hearts and hands.
Always our dear, but now our dearest ones,
Our closest kindred, fathers, brothers, sons.
Warm welcome, soldiers, howsoe’er you come.
Whether you keep step to the stirring drum,
Or maimed and feeble, faltering and slow,
Sad victims of the conflict and the foe.
Or borne on litters with expiring breath,
Or stretched in all the majesty of Death.
We bid you welcome, oh ye valiant braves,
To happy lives or honorable graves.
The dear survivors shall have love and fame,
The loyal dead a consecrated name—
Nor only now ;  for after years shall tell
The story of your deeds and triumphs well,
The generations that are yet to be,
With flowing eyes your country’s flag shall see.
Emblem of pride, glory, and success,
Without one stripe erased, one star the less,
As all its dazzling hues and dots expand
From sea to sea, o’er one united land,
Shall canonize your memories late and long,
Subjects of eloquence and themes of song,
Martyrs and patriots, whose death sublime
Have made our Union holy for all time.

1.  The name of this poem is actually “Return of the Three Month’s Volunteers,” and was dated August 5th, 1861. There are slight differences between this version and other published versions.
2.  Park Benjamin, Sr. (1809-1864) was well known in his time as a poet, journalist, editor, and founder of several newspapers. He died on September 12, 1864.

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