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1864 January 16: Polk County Has 21 New Volunteers, and Other News

January 22, 2014

Following are the smaller war-related news items for the past week from The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press of January 16th, 1864.

From The Prescott Journal:


Five towns in this county, Prescott, Clifton, River Falls, Diamond Bluff, and El Paso, have filled their quotas for the next draft by volunteering.  In the other towns, but little has been done.  Now that the draft has been postponed until the 15th of February and the large Government bounty extended, we hope every town will take energetic action to fill its quota.

Miscellaneous Items.

— Of the whole number of persons held to service under the first draft, about one seventh served in person, two sevenths served by substitute, and four-sevenths paid the commutation money.

— Eleven locomotives from Vicksburg for the Nashville railroad have arrived at Louisville within the past week.  They were all captured from the rebels, and have been prepared, repainted and renamed.  One is called “General Grant,” another “Abraham Lincoln.”

— There are perhaps, more printers in the army, in proportion to the number in the country, than of any other profession.  Such was the fact in the Texas and Mexican Wars.  In the war for the suppression of the rebellion, the same is doubtless true.  Among the number of killed at the battle of Chickamauga, there were thirty printers and editors, showing that the typos were in the foremost ranks where the balls flew thickest and fastest.

— Over one hundred volunteers enlisted at La Crosse on the last day of the old year, and it is stated that another hundred were there awaiting their turn to be examined.

From The Polk County Press:

ST. CROIX’S QUOTA.—The quota of this town is full.  The following is a list of the men :

Richard Turnbull, Wm. Beede, Chas. Murgau [sic], Orin Weymonth, Eli Tuttle, Michiel McHough [sic], Peter Delp, — Conner, P. U. Turgerson [sic].¹

— W. J. Vincent [William J. Vincent] , Dep. P. M. [deputy provost marshal] of this county, starts for La Crosse on Monday next with the Polk Co. Volunteers, 21 in number.


At St. Anthony, on Sunday January 3d, 1864, by the Rev. William McKinley, EMERY D. NORTH² of the 8th Minnesota Infantry, and ISABELLA McKINLEY of Cannon Falls, Minn.

— Brick Pomeroy [Marcus Mills “Brick” Pomeroy] of the La Crosse “Democrat,” has purchased the “Democratic Journal” of that city, and the two establishments have become one.  Brick believes that a big little thing, is better than a little big thing.  Go it Brick!

1.  The nine men served as follows:

  • William M. Beede and Peter U. Torgerson, both from St. Croix Falls, and both started in Company D of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry; Beede was transferred to Company F, 21st Infantry, and then Company F, 3rd Infantry; Torgerson was transferred to Company B, 21st Infantry, and then Company B of the 3rd Infantry.
  • Eli R. Tuttle and Charles Mergan/Morgan, both listed as being from La Crosse, both served in Company D of the 2nd Wisconsin Cavalry (the St. Croix Rangers)
  • Andrew H. Conner, Peter Delp, Michael McHugh, Richard H. Turnbull, and Orrin Weymouth, all from St. Croix Falls, and all served in Company F of the 7th Wisconsin Infantry

2.  Emery D. North served in Company K of the 8th Minnesota Infantry.

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  1. permalink
    January 23, 2014 10:31 am

    Thanks for this Civil War project! I read it every day and learn something new every time. Although I have not lived in Wisconsin for more than 60 years, your project has brought me closer to my roots. My father (alive and well at age 92 and retired in Boise, Idaho) is a River Falls grad from Elmwood, Wis. and my mother from Chippewa County. My great grandfather, Nathaniel Porter Popple, fought the entire Civil War in Co. C, 8th Wis. Reg. with Old Abe the War Eagle. Dan McCann is my great uncle. That is more than you would ever want to know. My point is you have inspired me to do more Civil War research and learn more about my roots than my extended family has ever known. Thanks to your team for your efforts! Mike Feiler, Wallace, Idaho.

    Any way He maand ma —- The Civ

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