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1864 January 23: Welcome Home Prescott Guards

January 24, 2014

This welcome-home article for the Prescott Guards—Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry—comes from the January 23, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.  The footnoted lists of men come from the Roster of Wisconsin Volunteers, 6th Regiment Infantry, Company B, on the Wisconsin Historical Society’s website.


Co. B. 6th Reg., having re-enlisted and been furloughed, arrived here last Monday afternoon.

Last evening the citizens gave them a rousing welcome home.  A free Supper was given, and attended by the largest number ever gathered in this city on a similar occasion.  The Supper, thanks to the ladies who had it in charge, was well gotten up and passed off to the satisfaction of all.  Short and stirring speeches were made ;  the cannon made “thunder in the winter;” and the boys could but feel that warm hearts greeted them home.

About 10 o’clock, those who were disposed adjourned to Dunbar’s Hall and enjoyed one of the most pleasant dances of the season.

Twenty-two of the Co. reenlisted, only eleven of whom returned here.  They are Capt. ROLLIN P. CONVERSE, Lt. CHAS. P. HYATT, 1st Serg’t Henry E. Smyzer, Corp. Frank Hare, Corp. Lewis J. Ludloff, Corp. Darwin W. Kinney, Robert Burnete [sic], Marvin Boughton, Leverett C. Hall, S. B. Holman [Solomon B. Holman], James Richardson.

Of the 106 who left here in June, 1861, 14 people have been killed,¹ 52 wounded² and 2 died of disease.³  Quite a number have been transferred into batteries,4 some are in the Invalid Corps,5 and some have been discharged for disability.6

Of the officers who went out in command, Capt. Dill [Daniel J. Dill] is now colonel of the 30th, Lt. Marsh [John F. Marsh] is a member of the Board for examining applicants for commands in negro-regiments, and Orderly Sergeant Fitch [Michael H. Fitch] is Adjutant of the 24th.  Wm. Howes [William H. Howes], of this Co., is now a Lieut. in the 30th, John Winn [John W. Winn] is Clerk of the Board in this county.

This Co., as all know, has from the first, been attached to the Iron Brigade—that Brigade whose name has been made immortal, and whose battle-flags, never dishonored, have always waved triumphantly in the thickest of the perilous fight.

The Co. is furloughed until the 18th of next month, and is desirous of obtaining recruits.  Volunteers can go in no better or braver company.

1.  The 14 who were killed:

  1. Henry Anderson (Stillwater, Minn.; killed at Gettysburg)
  2. Leonard Brown (Pleasant Valley, killed at South Mountain)
  3. William J. Casparous (Bridge Creek, killed at Antietam)
  4. George Cassidy/Cassiday (Menomonie; accidentally shot at Alexandria, Va.)
  5. Volney A. Cole (Oak Grove; killed at Antietam)
  6. William E. Evans (Prescott; died from wounds received at Gettysburg)
  7. William Faust/Foust (Beldenville; killed at Gettysburg)
  8. Robert A. Fulton (Eau Claire; missing in action, assumed dead at Gainsville)
  9. Frederick Gluth (Trimbelle; killed at Antietam)
  10. Amos D. Keeler (Prescott; died from wounds received at Antietam)
  11. James Kelly (Prescott; died from wounds received at Gettysburg)
  12. Nicholas Suter (Pleasant Valley; killed at Antietam)
  13. Allen B. Wilson (Diamond Bluff; killed at South Mountain)
  14. David Z. Young (Eau Galle; killed at Antietam)

Martin McCandra/McCandraw (Stillwater, Minn.) was also killed at Antietam, but it was while he was detached to a battery so they probably did not count him.

2.  The 52 who were wounded:

  1. Henry Anderson (Stillwater, Minn.; wounded at South Mountain)
  2. Clarence E. Bullard (Menomonie; wounded at Gettysburg)
  3. George Cassidy/Cassiday (Menomonie; wounded at Gainesville
  4. John F. Caryzar (Eau Claire; wounded at Antietam
  5. Caryzar was also wounded at First Fredericksburg)
  6. Lloyd H. Colby (West Point; wounded at Cold Harbor)
  7. Phillip H. Collins (Hastings, Minn.; wounded at Antietam)
  8. Rollin P. Converse (Prescott; wounded at Antietam)
  9. Thomas Davis (Eau Claire; wounded at Second Bull Run)
  10. Arthur C. Ellis (Aurora, Ill.; wounded at South Mountain)
  11. William E. Evans (Prescott; wounded at Gettysburg, died)
  12. Joseph Fachs (St. Paul, Minn.; wounded at Gainesville
  13. Fachs was also wounded at Gettysburg)
  14. Alexander Frier (Maiden Rock; wounded at South Mountain)
  15. Robert A. Fulton (Eau Claire; wounded at Gainesville)
  16. Ole Gunderson (Centreville; wounded at Gettysburg)
  17. Franklin J. Hall (Oak Grove; wounded at Antietam
  18. Hall was also wounded at Gettysburg)
  19. Frank Hare (Trimbelle; wounded at Antietam)
  20. James R.W. Harvey (Maiden Rock; wounded at Gettysburg)
  21. Jeremiah Heath (Prescott; wounded at South Mountain)
  22. Andrew J. Hess (Cordova, Minn.; wounded at Antietam)
  23. David F. Jones (no place listed; wounded at Gainesville)
  24. Charles A. Keeler (Prescott; wounded at Gettysburg )
  25. Isaiah F. Keeler (Prescott; wounded at Gettysburg
  26. Keeler was also wounded at Mine Run)
  27. James Kelly (Prescott; wounded at Gettysburg, died)
  28. Darwin W. Kinney (Perry; wounded at Antietam)
  29. Louis J. Ludloff (Prescott; wounded at Antietam)
  30. Simon Marugg (Menomonie; wounded at Gettysburg)
  31. James McEwen (Prescott; wounded at Gainesville
  32. McEwen was also wounded at Gettysburg)
  33. Thomas McIntyre (Pleasant Valley; wounded at Antietam)
  34. Benjamin N. Meeds (Perry; wounded at Chancellorsville)
  35. Jeremiah Murphy (Eau Claire; wounded at Gettysburg)
  36. Alphonso W. Myers (Prescott; wounded at Antietam)
  37. Peter Nelson (Stillwater, Minn.; wounded at Gettysburg)
  38. Anthony Olson (Rush River; wounded at South Mountain
  39. Olson was also wounded at Antietam)
  40. Charles H. Potter (Palmyra; wounded at South Mountain)
  41. William H. Pulver (Springville; wounded at South Mountain)
  42. James Richardson (Prescott; wounded at Gettysburg)
  43. John Sanderson (Stillwater, Minn.; wounded at South Mountain)
  44. Ainsworth Saunders (Prescott; wounded at Antietam)
  45. Joseph W.M. Shaw (Durand; wounded Sept. 17, 1862)
  46. James H. Shults (Pleasant Valley; wounded at Antietam)
  47. Mamory V. Smith (Bridge Creek; wounded at Antietam)
  48. Henry E. Smyser (Prescott; South Mountain
  49. Smyser was also wounded at Cold Harbor)
  50. Robert Tomlinson (Diamond Bluff; wounded at Gettysburg)
  51. Thomas H. Williams (Diamond Bluff; wounded at Gettysburg)
  52. John W. Winn (Clifton; wounded at South Mountain)

3.  We found 3 who died of disease, a small number compared to other companies:

  1. Cammillus Clark (Menomonie)
  2. John F. Hale (Bridge Creek)
  3. Oscar Sargent (Bridge Creek).

4.  Transferred to batteries:

  1. James S. Armstrong (Trimbelle; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)
  2. Henry M. Colby (Taylors Falls, Minn.; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)
  3. Seymour W. Colby (Taylors Falls, Minn.; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)
  4. Thomas Davis (Eau Claire; detached to Battery D, 5th Rhode Island Artillery)
  5. Martin McCandraw (Stillwater, Minn.; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)
  6. Henry G. McDougall (no place listed; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)
  7. John H. McLaughlin (Trimbelle; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)
  8. Jeremiah Murphy (Eau Claire; detached to Battery B, 4th U.S. Artillery)

5.  Invalid Corps/V.R.C.:

  1. Phillip H. Collins (Hastings, Minn.)
  2. Alexander Frier (Maiden Rock)
  3. James R.W. Harvey (Maiden Rock)
  4. Charles A. Keeler (Prescott)
  5. Anthony Olson (Rush River)

6.  Discharged with disability:

  1. Jerome Beardsley (Trimbelle)
  2. Alexander B. Brewer (Eau Claire)
  3. Charles H. Bruce (Prescott)
  4. Henry M. Colby (Taylors Falls, Minn.)
  5. Samuel B. French (Diamond Bluff)
  6. Peter Hansen (Oak Grove)
  7. Jeremiah Heath (Prescott)
  8. Andrew J. Hess (Cordova, Minn.)
  9. David F. Jones (no place listed)
  10. Thomas McIntyre (Pleasant Valley)
  11. George Mozarr (Red Wing, Minn.)
  12. Alphonso W. Myers (Prescott)
  13. John Newton (Prescott)
  14. Andrew Peterson (Stillwater, Minn.)
  15. Joseph P. Pond, Jr. (Prescott)
  16. William H. Pulver (Springville)
  17. John Sanderson (Stillwater, Minn.)
  18. Joseph W. M. Shaw (Durand)
  19. Charles L. Steiner (Trimbelle)
  20. Josiah M. Taylor (Diamond Bluff)
  21. George G. Varnum (Pepin)
  22. Warren White (Vernon Springs, Iowa)
  23. John W. Winn (Clifton)
  24. Edgar Wright (Mauston).
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