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1864 February 6: Company B of the 6th Wisconsin Getting Ready to Leave, and Other News

February 12, 2014

Following are the smaller items from The Prescott Journal of February 6, 1864.

— Our boys of the 12th Regiment have all re enlisted, and are daily expected home.  Let us give them a rousing welcome.

— We understand that Capt. Converse’[s] Co. will leave here some time next week.  [Rollin P. Converse, captain of Company B, 6th Wisconsin Infantry]

Finger002 Gen. Grant [Ulysses S. Grant], it is said, has forwarded to Washington his views on the way the war should be conucted [sic: conducted] in future to insure the earliest and most complete suppression of the rebellion.  These views are reported to be, the “concerted movement of all our armies under one policy, and, as far as practicable, under one direction.”  In a word, let there be less scattering fire and more concentration of purpose.

— Hon. Wm. Whiting [William Whiting], Solicitor of War Department, has decided that aliens who are subjects to foreign governments, having voluntarily enlisted in the service of the United States as substitutes for drafted men, are not entitled to be discharged from such service by reason of such alienage, but may, under the law of nations, be held to perform their engagements without giving the governments to which their alienage is due just cause of complaint.

— By direction of the President, Major General George Stoneman has been assigned to the command of the 23d army corps.  Brigadier General Getty [George W. Getty] has been appointed inspector on General Mead’s staff [sic: George G. Meade].

— The movement in Maryland in favor of immediate emancipation continues to grow in strength and must soon become irresistible.

— Arkansas is to follow Louisana [sic] in the work of reconstruction, and will hold an election on the 25th day of March.—After this election a State Convention will end forever what little may remain of slavery.

John Brown’s daughter is teaching freedmen at fredmen [sic] at Fortress Monroe.

— The traitors in Ohio are raising ten cent subscriptions to pay Vallandigham’s board bill in Canada.  [Clement L. Vallandigham]

— Gen. Grant had gone to St. Louis to visit a sick son.

— The Kentucky Legislature has passed a bill prohibiting the importation of slaves into that State, the influx having cheapened the stock on hand and overflowed the market.

Finger002  Maj. Gen. McCLERNAND [John A. McClernand] recently sent in his resignation, being unwilling to hold a commission longer without employment.  It was not accepted, and he has been ordered to duty under BANKS [Nathaniel P. Banks].

THE FREEDMEN IN SOUTH CAROLINA.—A Beaufort (South Carolina) correspondent of the Boston Traveller furnishes a statement showing the prosperity of the freedmen of that place, under the impartial Government of the United States.  About thirty condemned horses were recently put up for sale, and to the surprise of everybody brought in some cases as high as $75, $100, and $140, though their estimated value was not over $20.  The purchasers were, in every case, freedmen, who promptly produced the “greenbacks.”  They have made money rapidly of late.  The same correspondent says that the Government plantations have been turned over to the United States tax commissioners, the present superintendents having been notified that their future services will be dispensed with.  The lands not sold in February will be leased.

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