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1864 February 6: Local Soldiers in the News, Plus Kit Carson, Napoleon Dana, and Confederate Sequestration

February 12, 2014

Following are the smaller items from The Polk County Press of February 6, 1864.

—Deputy Provost Marshal VINCENT [William J. Vincent], who took down our volunteers, has returned.  He says the boys are all right.  They went through without accident, except ELI TUTTLE, who had a fit on the way.  He has recovered.  Every man passed muster,— and “Vince” says they cannot be beat by any squad enlisted under this call.  “Vince” is right.

—Provost Marshal VINCENT had JOHN RICE,—who enlisted at St. Croix Falls, after that town’s quota was full,—credited to the town of Sterling.—The town of Sterling ought to show equal generosity by paying the expenses of the trip to La Crosse, as the balance of the towns have raised the liberal bounties which induced the men to enlist.

— Dr. A. D. Andrews, an old townsman of River Falls, and Surgeon in the 6th Wis. Reg., is at home again, where he is cordially welcomed by his appreciating fellow citizens.—He has served his country long and faithfully, and retires from active service by reason of protracted illness—having received an honorable discharge on account of indisposition.—”Well done, good and faithful servant,” is doubtless the sentiment of our town.—From the River Falls Reporter.

ARRESTED.—James Stone, of Star Prairie, who was drafted last November, went to Stillwater, and enlisted with a Minnesota regiment.  He was in this city Saturday and the Provost Marshal arrested him as a deserter, and sent him to La Crosse.  From the Hudson Star.

— Kit Karson [sic: Kit Carson] has been made a Brigadier General.

— The quota of Connecticut is full with 500 men in excess.

— Since November Indiana has sent 4000 recruits to old regiments.

— General Rosecrans has taken the command of the Missouri Department.  [William S. Rosecrans]

— Maj. Gen. Dana [Napoleon J. T. Dana] has been ordered to Matagorda Bay, Banks’ Depar’t. [Nathaniel P. Banks]

— Gen. Meade has been seriously ill at Philadelphia.  He is recovering.  [George G. Meade]

— The Union Members of the New Jersey Legislature have come out for Lincoln for next President.  [Abraham Lincoln]

— The rebel navy numbers 507 officers and 874 men.  The later are certainly well officered.

— The Cario [sic] Daily News nominates Gen. John A. Logan as the union candidate for Governor of Illinois.

— There is one item in the recent report of Mr. Memminger [Christopher G. Memminger], Davis’s Treasurer [Jefferson Davis], which shows that the rebels have not been inactive in a certain direction.  They raised only four million dollars by a war tax but they got two million and sixty thousand dollars by “sequestration.”  “Convey, the wise it call,” said Falstaff.  That is to say, they have made more than half as much by robbing loyal citizens as they have been able to wring from a “perfectly unanimous” people by taxation.


The first regiment of colored troops raised in the State of New York, and know as the Twentieth regiment United states colored troops, the authority to raise which was granted by the Secretary of War on the 3d or December to the Loyal League club of New York City, stood with full ranks of one thousand and ten men on the 31st of that month. We believe that no regiment has fulled its ranks in less time than this since the war began. Over one hundred of the men are over six feet high.

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