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1864 February 27: The 7th, 12th, and 30th Wisconsin Infantries Recruiting, and Other News

March 5, 2014

Following are the small articles from the February 27, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

— In the South letters are fifteen days in going 200 miles, and the rebel soldiers are down on the mail arrangements.

— Samuel P. Ivins,¹ editor of the (Tenn.,) “Post,” having been taken prisoner, Gen. Howard [Oliver O. Howard] proposes to exchange him for Mr. A. D. Richardson, of the New York “Tribune,” now confined in “Libby” [Prison].

— William Yorkum, for returning a contraband to slavery from Cairo, Illinois, has been found guilty by court martial, and sentenced to five years imprisonment in the Albany Penitentiary.

— Three hundred rebel prisoners are said to have taken the oath of allegiance and joined the navy in Boston.  We hope they will be distributed in half dozens among our ships.  They should not be put all on board the same vessel.

— The Provost Marshal General has issued an order prohibiting excessive telegraphing by Deputy Marshals, and requiring dispatches sent without sufficient necessity to be charged to the Marshals sending them.

— The telegraph operators in the principal cities South formed a secret league, and recently struck for higher wages.  The strike caused serious inconvenience to the Government, and the result was that all the operators were picked up and put into the army.  It is expected the lines will be running again before a great while.

— A young lady from Pennsylvania enlisted at Oswego, New York, a few days since.  Her sex was discovered by a fellow soldier, who gave information to the authorities, and she was arrested and placed in confinement.  The “Times” says that she is “only sixteen years of age, pretty, intelligent and modest, and determined to go to the wars.”

— We noticed C. D. SCOTT,² of the 30th Regiment, in town the other day.  Can’t you give us a call, CHARLIE?

— RECRUITS WANTED.—G. W. Davis,³ who enlisted sometime ago in the gallant 7th Regiment, we see is home on recruiting service.  To men who are desirous of going into a fighting Regiment, and a fighting Brigade,  we recommend the 7th of the Iron Brigade.  For particulars see Mr. Davis at the Osceola House.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002 We are indebted to FRANK YOUNG4 for the first copy of the CONVALESCENT, a spicy little paper, published at Jefferson Barracks, Mo.

Finger002  The town of Pleasant Valley has filled her quota under the latest call

Finger002 Capt. MAXSON [Orrin T. Maxson] has enlisted over sixty men since he returned here, and still keeps gathering them in.

Finger002  The rebel army in Virginia is described as “Lee’s Miserables.”5

Finger002  The rebel pirate Alabama has captured, in all, 58 large vessels.

Finger002  The Senate has returned batch of Major and Bridger Generals to the President, refusing to act upon them.

1.  Samuel P. Ivins was the editor and publisher of the Athens (Tenn.) Post. Ivins followed his state when Tennessee left the Union. The Post was suspended from September 1863 to December 1867 due to occupation by the Union Army. In 1864, Ivins was taken prisoner by General Sherman’s troops and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio, and not released until 1865. For more, see About The Athens Post on Chronicling America.
2.  Charles D. Scott, from Farmington, was in Company A of the 30th Wisconsin Infantry.
3.  Sergeant George W. Davis, from Farmington, was in Company C of the 7th Wisconsin Infantry.
4.  Frank Young, from Blue Earth, Minnesota, was in Company C of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry.
5.  A pun on Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.

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