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1864 March 12: The George W. Gore—Saint Croix Rifles Saga Continues

March 14, 2014

The following article comes from the March 12, 1864, Polk County Press.  It is George W. Gore’s response to the letter by members of the Saint Croix Rifles—Company F of the 1st Wisconsin Infantry (3 years)—that was printed in the February 27, 1864, issue of the Press.

Mr. Gore vs. Company F.

EDITOR PRESS—Sir :—With regard to the communication from Co. F that appeared in your paper I wish to explain that my letter to Hoover [Elias H. Hoover]  was written in a moment of excitement, occasioned by his having informed me of my dress coat being stolen.  I never intended to convey the impression that they were ALL thieves and villains.  There are a few honorable exception I admit, and I would say to those men that I never intended to wound their feelings.—I foolishly supposed that I was writing to a gentleman, and as I made so great a mistake—must suffer the consequences.  But I am never afraid of anything I write, even in private ;  or afraid to own it.  As to the charges against me, I will merely state that the most flattering testimony as to my conduct as a soldier and gentleman, is on record in the War Office at Washington, signed by Col. G. Bingham [George B. Bingham], Rev. W. McNamara, Chaplain of the 1st, Lieut. P. V. Wise, Co. F, Lieut. Starkweather [Fred T. Starkweather], do, and last not least, Captain Samuel [Maurice M. Samuel].  Now the public must judge between those base men who signed that communication and those disinterested officers and gentlemen.  I now brand them as liars, and propose that they should re-enlist and come home for 30 days, when I shall be most happy to give them all the satisfaction they may require,—provided they come singly, and provided with a friend and a shooting iron.  I remain yours, &c.,


P.S.  With regard to the contemptable [sic] creature who solicits private correspondence and then publishes it the public must judge.  Capt. S. informed me before I left that he stole several hundred dollars from him when in his employ, when the Capt. was Commissary.  I did not then believe it, but now I do, as any man that could be base enough to publish a private letter, of course would steal if he got a chance.  G. W. G.

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