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1864 March 26: Another Call for Men, This One for 200,000

March 27, 2014

The following came from “The News” column of the March 26, 1864, issue of The Polk County Press.


— The following has been telegraphed to the Adjutant General of Minnesota :

WASHINGTON, March 15th, 2 o’clock p. m.—The President of the United States has made a call for two hundred thousand (200,000) men, in addition to the call of February 1st, 1864, for five hundred thousand (500,000).

The quota will be two-fifths (2-5) of the quota of five hundred (500,000), subject to addition for deficiencies and deduction for excesses on that quota.

J. B. FRY,
Provost Marshal General


WASHINGTON, Mar, 14, 1864. }

General Order No. 100 :

In order to supply the force required to be drafted for the navy, and to provide an adequate reserve force for all contingencies, in addition to the 500,000 men called for February 1st, 1864, the call is hereby made, and a draft is ordered for 200,000 for the military service, army and navy, and marine corps of the United States.

The proportional quotas for the different wards, towns, townships, precincts or election districts or counties, will be made known through the Provost Marshal General’s Bureau, and account will be taken of the credits and deficiencies of former quotas.

The 15th day of April, 1864, is designated as the time, up to which the numbers required from each ward of a city, town & may be raised by voluntary enlistments, and drafts will be made in each ward of a city, town, &c., which shall not have filled the quota assigned to it within the time designated, for the number required to fill said quotas.  The draft will be commenced as soon after the 15th of April as practicable.  The government bounties as now paid continue until April 1st, 1864, at which time the additional bounties cease.  On and and [sic] after the date one hundred dollars bounty only will be paid, as provide by an act, approved July 22d, 1861.

(Signed)      ABRAHAM LINCOLN.

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