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1864 April 2: Pierce County Volunteer Aid Fund

April 6, 2014

The following letter to the editor appeared on the front page of the April 2, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

The Co. Volunteer Aid Fund.

ED. JOURNAL :—The Board of Supervisors at their last meeting, passed a resolution relating to the County Volunteer Aid Fund, discriminating in its character it bestows aid from the County upon those only who were married at the time they enlisted, and upon widowers in the service who have children under fifteen years of age, dependent upon them for support.  Widowed mothers who had some dependent upon them for support, are now cut off.  Indigent fathers, step fathers and foster-fathers must now look to some other source for aid.

The rule adopted may bear hard in some instances, but on the whole I deem it just.  It is better that a few should suffer, rather than have our money swindled out of our pockets by hundreds and even thousands of dollars, by those who have no just claim upon us.  It is true, too true, indeed, that not one in five of those whose names are found upon the record of “actually dependent,” “absolutely indigent,” “wholly unable to support themselves,” are what they claim to be.  They would resent it with indignation, were we to intimate such a thing to them, either publicly or privately.  I can only say of them, that their boldness is only equalled [sic] by that of some of the war widows, married after their husbands enlisted, who have deliberately sworn that they were married before they enlisted.

I learn that the draft on this Fund, before the Board took any action, was about $1000 a month.  Tax-payers, look at the record !

JUSTICE. . . . . .

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