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1864 April 16: News of General Forrest and a Bunch of Union Generals from Minnesota

April 16, 2014

Following is the “Latest News from the telegraphic reports” of a week ago (April 9).  The column appeared in The Polk County Press of April 16, 1864.


From the telegraphic reports, April 9th.

Gen. Sibley (Henry Hastings Sibley) has been confirmed a Brigadier General from March 20th, 1863, and Col. C. C. Andrews¹ from January 5, 1864.  Minnesota has had her full share of Generals.  She has had two Major Generals and six Brigadiers, viz :  Major General N. J. T. Dana ;  Major General Horatio P. Van Cleve ;  Brig. Gen. Willis A. Gorman ;  Brig. Gen. Alfred Sully, (appointed from First Minnesota) ;  Brig. Gen. John B. Sanborn ;  Brig. Gen. Henry H. Sibley ;  Brig. Gen. Stephen Miller (now Governor) ;  and Brig. Gen. C. C. Andrews.¹

Reports from Washington state that a plan will soon be presented to Congress for the construction of a telegraph across the continent to connect with a line through Asia and Africa.  Gen. Lee’s army has been largely augmented by conscripts, and he expects to start the spring campaign with 90,000 troops. [Robert E. Lee]  Our Government is about to weed out thirty or forty unemployed Generals.

A firm in Cincinnati has been engaged in a mammoth swindle and escaped to Canada.

Gen. Forrest [Nathan B. Forrest] says his loss in his recent operations at Union City and Paducah, was only ten killed and forty wounded, and that the federals had twenty-seven killed, and seventy or eighty wounded. It is said our loss was actually fourteen killed and two wounded.

Gen. Steele [Frederick Steele] is driving the rebels in Arkansas, but they are making serious raids in his rear.

A Louisville dispatch says several of Forrest’s officers have crossed the Ohio into Indiana and Illinois for the purpose of inciting the people to revolt.  One account says Forrest is trying to get out of Kentucky, and another that he intends to remain.

Gold fluctuated yesterday between 60 and 70.  The fact that one of $515,000 paid into the New York Customs House yesterday, 470,000 here in gold certificates, shows that Secretary Chase [Salmon P. Chase] is “Bulling” pretty heavily in the market.  At this rate the “pile” at his disposal will soon become terribly reduced.

1.  Christopher Columbus Andrews (1829-1922) enlisted as a private, but was commissioned a captain in the 3rd Minnesota Infantry. Captured by Confederates in Tennessee in July 1862, he was held as a prisoner of war until October, when he was exchanged. He returned to his regiment as lieutenant colonel and participated in the Vicksburg Campaign. In July 1863, Andrews was promoted to colonel and commanded a brigade in the operations to capture Little Rock, Arkansas, later in the year. Throughout the balance of the year and into early 1864, Andrews helped organize and foster the Unionists in Arkansas, and was influential in the reorganization of Arkansas as a free state. He was promoted to brigadier general in acknowledgement of his efforts while commanding troops near Augusta, Arkansas. Andrews was assigned to the command of the Second Division of the XIII Corps, and participated in the siege and storming of Fort Blakely in Alabama. On March 9, 1865, he was brevetted Major General and assigned command of the district of Mobile.

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