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1864 April 16: P. V. Wise Joins Up Again, Ellsworth Burnett Leaves with Recruits, and Other News

April 22, 2014

Following are the smaller items from the April 16, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

— The amount paid to veteran volunteers in counties is said to reach ninety millions of dollars.

— At the Fair in New York the married ladies will be distinguished by black aprons, the unmarried by white.  California and other widows by aprons hemmed with yellow.

— Home.—The 11th and 12th regiments of Wisconsin veterans arrived at Madison on the 21st, and are now enjoying a furlough for 30 days within the State.  Ode company is now at Prescott.  [Company A of the 12th]

From The Prescott Journal:

— RECOVERED.—Last week John L. Dale recovered three Government horses in the southern part of this county [Pierce], and delivered them to the U. S. Agent at St. Paul.

Finger002 Serg’t Burnett left for Madison with his recruits on Friday, on the Buck Eye State.  He has had excellent success having recruited 57 men.  [Ellsworth Burnett]

Finger002 Lt. P. V. Wise has re-enlisted as a private in the 37th regiment.  He has good pluck—is bound to see the war out or “perish in the attempt.”  Mr. Wise has been severely wounded himself and and [sic] lost two brothers and two cousins in the war.

NO TERMS BUT SEPARATION.—The Richmond Dispatch, of a recent date, in an editorial on the President’s offer of amnesty, says :

No one, however, knows better than Abraham Lincoln, that any terms he might offer the Southern people, which contemplate their restoration to his bloody and brutal government, would be rejected with scorn and execration.  If, instead of devoting to death our President and military and civil officers, he had proposed to make Jeff. Davis his successor, Lee Commander in Chief of his Yankee armies, and our domestic institutions not only recognized at home but re-adopted in the Free States, provided the South would once more enter the Yankee Union, there is not a man, woman or child in the Confederacy who would not spit upon the proposition.  We desire no companionship upon any terms with a nation of robbers and murderers.  The miscreants whose atrocities in this war have cause[d] the whole civilized world to shudder, must keep henceforth their distance.  They shall not be our masters and we would not have them for our slaves.

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