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1864 April 23: Ellsworth Burnett Leaves with 37th Infantry Volunteers

April 28, 2014

The following articles are from The Prescott Journal of April 23, 1864.  For a full list of men from northwest Wisconsin who served in Company F of the 37th Infantry, see our page for Company F.

Volunteers for the 37th Reg.

The following is a list of the volunteers¹ who left with Serg’t. ELLSWORTH BURNETT last week.  He had previously sent seventeen, and there are a few yet to go.  BURNETT has earned a Captain’s commission, and will doubtless receive it :

Isaac Sellick, [Selleck] Dennison Hill,
Thomas Carr, George Smith,
W. Bradshaw, William Hill,
Walter Howes, Charles Tupham,*
John Douglass, George Peiei, [Pieie]
Charles Angell,* John Butcher,
Hollis Carlton, Samuel Graham,
George Chimere,* [Chinnock?] Peter McMahan,
George Houston, [Housten] Charles Brown,
Alonzo Gray, Martin McMahon,*
Zais Oleson, [Lars?] Ole Peterson,
O. Weston, [Horatio?] John Hampton,
Truman Bayley, [Bagley] Charles Velzey,
John Coddington, Gardner Gordon,
E. H. Walden, James Stanley,
Justin Winchester, Joseph Rollin, [Rollins]
David Pulk, Charles Randall,
John Goldsberry, Orland Burdick, [Oscar?]
Ransom Warner,* Hollis S. Boyd,*
P. V. Wise.

Dinner to the Soldiers.

Co. A. 12th Reg., veterans, return to the front next Monday.  A free dinner will be given to them and all other soldiers now in the county on furlough on that day.  There will be speeches, music, etc., and the citizens here are requested to attend.

Concerning the Draft.

Madison, April 10, 1864. }

General Order No. 12 :

The following copy of a telegram to Col. Greene, A. A. Provost Marshal General of the State, is published for the information of the public :

[By Telegraph]

WASHINGTON, April 16th, 1864.

To Col. A. D. Greene, A. A. Pro. Mar. Gen. :

Accounts will be made up to include April 15th to determine which sub-districts are deficient, and the number required from each.  The draft will be made in the sub-districts as soon as possible thereafter.  Men enlisted after April 15th from different sub-districts, will be deducted from number required at that date therefrom.Deductions will be made up to the latest moment before the draft.

[signed]               JAS B. FRY,
Provost Marshal General.
By order of the Governor :
Adjutant General.

1.  Most of these men ended up in Burnett’s company, F, in the 37th Infantry.  The ones with an asterisk after their name are not on the roster of any Wisconsin regiment.

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