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1864 April 23: Promotions of Several Local Soldiers and Other News

April 29, 2014

Following are the smaller items, many of them local, from the April 23, 1864, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  J. C. BARRET [sic: James G. Barret], Co. B, 6th Reg., writing from Virginia under date of April 9th, says: “it has rained or snowed every day since our arrival.  The grass has just began to grow, and vegetation is not an hour ahead of the Badger State.”

Finger002  Lt. FRANK H. PRATT, formerly local editor of the Transcript in this city has been promoted to the Captaincy of Co. A [sic: Co. C], 7th Minnesota regiment.

Finger002  Three companies of the 30th Reg. A, C, and H, left for the Upper Missouri last Monday, in charge of Col. DILL.  [Daniel J. Dill]

Finger002  In Co. A, 30th. 1st Lt. A. L. Cox [Arthur L. Cox] has been promoted to Captain, 3d Lt. H. A. Wilson [Henry A. Wilson] to 1st Lt., and J. H. Van Meter [John H. Van Meter] to 3d Lt.

The Nashville Times mentions the capture on Thursday of the notorious Sam Moore, who has been committing depredations in the vicinity of Pulaski, Athens and Decatur for months past.

Private advices from Little Rock say Gen. Steele’s forces [Frederick Steele], 15,000 strong, left that place for the south on the 23d.  They will unite with troops from Fort Smith at some point in the southwestern part of the State.

From The Polk County Press:

MILITARY APPOINTMENT.—Capt. AMOS S. GRAY, “Osceola Home Guards,” has received his commission as Major of the 1st Battalion, 5th Regiment Wisconsin State Militia.—We congratulate Capt. upon his good fortune in thus having honors bestowed upon him.

GONE TO WASHINGTON.—Governor LEWIS [James T. Lewis], of this State, left for Washington on Monday, the 4th inst., and will be absent several weeks.

He is about to make a tour of inspection among Wisconsin troops, stationed in the different military departments.

— Another steamer has been sunk by a rebel torpedo, in Florida, with the loss of four men and baggage of three regiments.

— The experiment of firing fifty pounds of power in the 15-inch guns proved successful on board the gunboat Saugus, in the Delaware.

— Suttlers, camp followers and surplus baggage of the Army of the Potomac have been sent to the rear, which is construed as an indication of active operations.

— The 5th Regiment New York Volunteers has given to the army no less than five Major and Brigadier-Generals, to wit :  Abraham [sic] Duryee,¹ G. K. Warren, J. M. Davies, John Kilpatrick [sic: Hugh Judson Kilpatrick] and Henry E. Davies².

— It is reported that East Tennessee has been abandoned by the rebel troops, and that they have destroyed all the bridges in their hasty evacuation.  Johnston’s army is receiving heavy reinforcements [Joseph E. Johnston]—Polk’s army has joined him [Leonidas Polk].  It is probably that Longstreet [James Longstreet] has also joined them.

1. Abram Duryée (1815-1890) was the commander of one of the most famous Zouave regiments, the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry. After the Civil War he was New York City police commissioner.
2.  Henry Eugene Davies (1836-1894) was one of the few nonprofessional soldiers in the Union cavalry in the East to be promoted to the grade of general. He led his brigade in several major battles, especially during the Overland Campaign, the Battle of Trevilian Station, the Siege of Petersburg and the Appomattox Campaign at the end of the Civil War. After the War, Davies became a prominent New York lawyer.

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