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1864 April 30: 37th Wisconsin Infantry in Burnside’s Corps; 4th Wisconsin Cavalry is Full

May 3, 2014

The following small items are from a regular column in The Polk County Press called “The Chip Basket.”  Company F of the 37th Wisconsin Infantry includes many men from this area; the 4th Wisconsin Cavalry includes Jerry Flint’s unit (Company G—the Hudson City Guards).

— There are rumors of another call for troops.

— The 37th and 38th Wisconsin Regiments have been assigned to Burnside’s corps, now at Annapolis.  [Ambrose E. Burnside]

— The 4th Wisconsin Cavalry is full to the maximum, and the recruiting party is relieved.

— The rebels have met with a disastrous repulse in an attack on Fort Gray in North Carolina.

— Gov. Andrew Johnson has protested against the proposed appointment of Buell to command in East Tennessee.  [Don Carlos Buell]

— New Jersey follows the noble lead of New Hampshire and Connecticut and gives a vote which, as compared with that of last year, is a decided Union gain.

— Information has been received that Longstreet [James Longstreet] has effected a junction with Lee [Robert E. Lee] ;  whose army is being rapidly recruited from all parts of the Confederacy.  Gen. Grant [Ulysses S. Grant] has gone to the front and his family to the West.

— Old Ben. Butler [Benjamin F. Butler] has got his back up, and in a letter to a high public functionary, refuses to serve under Gen. Baldy Smith [William F. Smith].  He wants supreme control of all military movements which have their base within his limits.

— First the rebel government ordains that all the officers and soldiers shall serve during the war, whether they are willing or not, and then the rebel organs “compliment them for their patriotism in voluntary re-enlisting.”

— The iron-clad frigate Ironsides has fired since she has been in the service, 4,361 rounds ;  has been hit 241 times ;  has only had one man killed ;  has not been seriously injured, and is probably the best iron-clad vessel in the world.

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