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1864 April 30: 4th Wisconsin Cavalry Home on Furlough

May 6, 2014

Following are some smaller items of local news from the April 30, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

ESCAPED.—Gus. Johnson, a deserter, and a most desperate character, who was captured at Winslow & Bros. camp on Yellow River, on the 25th ult. by Provost Marshals Whiting and Seymour has made his escape from Fort Snelling and is again at large.  A few days since he was at Swede Lake, a few mils from here.  He says he knocked down his guard and made good his threat to remain under Uncle Sam’s care but a few days.

PROMOTED.—Lieut. F. H. PRATT,¹ Gen. SIBLEY’s Staff [Henry Hastings Sibley], has been promoted to Captain Co. C, 7th Minnesota regiment, and has gone to join his regiment, in Kentucky.

OUR VETERANS.—Last Sunday the veterans of the 4th Wis. Cavalry, who enlisted from Osceola, arrived home on a 30 days’ furlough.  As it was not known when they would be home, their return was a joyous surprise to kindred and friends.

The following list of names, all of who have credited themselves to this place :—Byron S. Kinyon, George S. Hayes, Wm. D. Kent, J. W. F. Nason, Wm. Foster, Charles Fenlason and Dolphus S. Freeland.

We would suggest to our citizens that a proper entertainment should be got up for the boys before they again leave us, to battle for the Union until the rebellion is crushed.—”Brave boys are they”—WELCOME HOME.

From The Prescott Journal:

Co. A 12th Regiment.

The veterans of Co. A 12th Regiment, who have been home on furlough, left on their return last night.  A dinner was given them on the day of their departure, and a ball in the evening.

“Brave boys are they all,
Gone at their country’s call.”

Heaven shield them, and return them home again.

Co. G, 4th Cavalry.

The veterans of Co. G, 4th Cavalry, returned on furlough last Saturday.

This was the first company that left the St. Croix Valley, as the “Hudson City Guards,” and it embraced many of our best and most talented men.  They have seen much active and varied service, having been present at the taking of New Orleans, and on duty in the Gulf Department ever since.  The men are in robust health, and as enthusiastic as ever for the service.  That genial gentleman, JAMES KEEFE, is in command.

A grand reception was given them in Hudson, on Thursday evening.


Resolved, By the Common Council of the city of Prescott, that the sum of Sixty Dollars be and hereby is appropriated out of monies now in the Treasury, for the purpose of defraying expenses incident to the getting up of a Dinner and Celebration for Wisconsin veterans now on furlough within Pierce Co.—Said money to be paid upon the order of the Mayor of this city.

(Signed,)            G. A. DILL, Mayor.
A. MILLER, City Clerk.

Notice is hereby given that the foregoing resolution was passed by the Common Council of the city of Prescott, on the 20th day of April A. D. 1864.

A. MILLER, City Clerk.

1.  Frank H. Pratt (1837-1884), from Taylor’s Falls, was the 2nd lieutenant (August 24, 1862) of Company C, 7th Minnesota Infantry, then the 1st lieutenant (June 15, 1863), and officially became the captain on April 25, 1864.

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