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1864 May 7: State Militias To Be Called Out

May 12, 2014

The following articles, on the Midwestern governors who issued calls for their organized state militias, are from the May 7, 1864, issue of The Polk County Press.

Militia Called Out.

Gov. YATES [Richard Yates] of Illinois, Gov. MORTON [Oliver Morton] of Indiana, and Gov. BROUGH  [John Brough] of Ohio, have issued their proclamations, calling out the organized State Militia of their respective States, to the number of 20,000 each, for the purpose of doing garrison duty, guarding prisoners, posts, forts, protecting the frontier &c., thereby relieving a large number of our veteran troops, who will be immediately ordered to the front.

This looks like puting [sic] down the rebellion, and is one of the indications which points to victory.

It is also stated that Gov. LEWIS [James T. Lewis] of this State, will also call out 5,000 State Militia for the same purposes.  These troops are to serve 100 days.

The Hundred Day Men.

The President has accepted the proposition of the Western Governor to furnish 85,000 infantry troops for a term of one hundred days, to guard the border.

Gov. Yates, of Illinois, in calling upon that State to fill her quota of these men, publishes a letter addressed to the President, which speaks in the name of the Governors of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.  Gov. Lewis’ name, however, whether by a typographical error or otherwise, is not appended to the letter, and no intimation has, as yet, been received from him that this State is expected to furnish any of this class of troops.—State Journal [Madison, Wis.].

Osceola Home Guards

And citizens generally !  Turn out everybody !  There will be a meeting at the Court House, in the village of Osceola, on Monday evening, May 9th, to take into consideration the propriety of tendering the services of the Guards to the Governor for one hundred days, should a call for volunteers be made.
. . . . .By order of
. . . . .FRANK WEBB, 2d Lieut.
CHAS. E. MEARS, Orderly Sergt.

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