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1864 May 21: Prescott Guards Losses in Virginia Battles

May 26, 2014

The following list of losses of local men in the recent battles in Virginia is from the May 21, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Losses in Co. B, 6th Reg., in the late Battles.

We have the following list of causalities [sic] in Co. B, from Capt. C. P. HYATT.  It will send a pang of pain to many hearts.  Dearly has this noble company paid for the honor they have so bravely won.  We trust that Capt. CONVERSE, and others reported wounded and missing, may yet be safe.  Capt. HYATT says, “We have given the rebels plenty of work lately to get their dead out of sight.”  The following is the list of casualties :

May, 5th, 1864.

Capt. R. P. Converse, woun’d & missing
Corp. Frank Hare, do do
John Thompson, do do
Jerome A. Hall, do do
R. Fielding, wounded severely in left wrist.
Corp. Louis Ludloff, wounded severely in right leg.
James Richardson, killed.
James Wells, do
May 6.
John Healer, slight in right thigh.
May 8.
A. Cummings, severe in right arm.
Alba C. Smith, severe and missing.
May 10.
Sergt. M. G. Smith, dangerous in right shoulder.
Thos. M. Alverson, severe in left thigh.
Melchoir Strieff, severe in right leg.
L. C. Hall, slight to cheek.

M. Y. Sellick, Wisconsin State Agent, writing from Washington, under date of May 12, reports Capt. CONVERSE killed.  If so, a noble heart has ceased to beat–one more valuable life laid as a free will offering on the altar of Country and God.

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