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1864 May 28: Wisconsin’s “Roll of Honor” from the Wilderness and Spotsylvania

June 2, 2014

The following list of casualties was printed in the May 28, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Wisconsin’s Roll of Honor.

List of Killed and Wounded in the Recent Battles.

The following is a letter to the Governor from W. Y. SELLECK,¹ Military Agent at Washington, D. C.:

WASHINGTON, D. C., May 16, 1864. }

His Excellency, James T. Lewis, Governor :

SIR :  Enclosed I send you a list of the Wisconsin soldiers who have arrived from the battle fields in Virginia and been placed in the hospitals at Washington, Georgetown and Alexandria, all of which I have visited.  They are all slightly wounded, mostly in the hands, arms and legs; a large number of them will be furloughed and transferred tomorrow.—Most of the severely wounded are still at Fredericksburg, six thousand of whom are daily expected here.  The party of assistants I sent to Fredericksburg with  Dr. Wolcott were the first to arrive there.  I called last evening on Col. Barnes, Acting Surgeon General, to make inquires in regard to surgeons bring sent to Fredricksburg. he informed me that he had sent down sixty since Tuesday last, twenty of which went down yesterday. He said he would like if yourself, as well as the Governors of the other States, would call upon a number of experienced surgeons to be in readiness to start for this place by next Friday and Saturday.

I herewith send you some additional names of Wisconsin officers killed and wounded :

Col. E. S. Bragg, reported killed while in command of a brigade—the report is doubtful.
Lt. Col. Dawes, 6th Regt., killed.
Capt. Bissell, H., 5th, left arm amputated—is at Fredericksburg.
Capt. J. H. Cook, I, 5th, missing.
Capt. Geo. Hilton, G, 5th, mortally wounded.
Capt. Sam’l. White, D, 5th, mortally wounded.Capt. Stout, K, 5th, killed.
Lieut. Millery, C, 5th, killed.
Lieut. Millis, E, 5th, severely wounded in the breast—is at Fredericksburg.

All the wounded that have arrived here have been well cared for ;  most of the officers are receiving furloughs of 25 or 30 days.

Very respectfully,
.   .   .   .Your Obedient Servant,
.   .   .   ..   .   .   . .  .W. Y. SELLECK,
.   .   .   .   .  .Mil. Agt. for Wisconsin.

WASHINGTON, D. C., May 12th, 1864. }

His Excellency James T. Lewis Governor of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. :

SIR :—I telegraphed you on the 10th, that Surgeon General E. B. Wolcott and myself would the next day go to the front.

I found that I could not well go, on account of wounded officers and soldiers who were commencing to arrive from the front, and needed some assistance.  I got Dr. Wolcott fixed out and procured ten excellent volunteer assistants to go with him to Fredericksburg.  I procured passes for them, and got them off early yesterday ;  this morning I sent Mr. Taylor, a young man formerly belonging [to] the 2d Wis. Vols., to Fredericksburg to render all assistance possible. I am in hopes shortly to send you reliable information concerning the casualties of our Wisconsin soldiers ;  some have already arrived and entered the hospitals here ;  they are, however, all slightly wounded, all the severely wounded are at, and will be kept at Fredericksburg for some days to come.  The fighting has been desperate and our regiments, particularly the 2d, 6th and 7th have suffered very severely, particularly in the 1st and 2d days fight.  From what I can learn, I think we will have five hundred or more wounded Wisconsin soldiers sent to Fredericksburg and this place.

Enclosed I send you a partial list of the killed and wounded of our officers and soldiers, hoping in a day or two to send you a more complete list.

.   .   W. Y. SELLECK,
Wisconsin State Agent.

.     .     .     .     .     .  .SECOND REGIMENT.
Major Parsons and Lieut. Noble, killed.
Lt. Col. Mansfield and Capt. Larke both severely wounded and in the hands of the enemy.
Capt. Gibson and Lieut. Jameson slightly wounded and have arrived at Washington.
.     .     .     .     .     .   .SIXTH REGIMENT.
Major Plummer and Capt. Converse [Rollin P. Converse] killed.
.     .     .     .     .     .SEVENTH REGIMENT.
Capt. Newman and Lt. Holmes and Walrath, killed.
Capts. Haytt, Johnson, Hobert and Young wounded.
Capts. Haytt and Johnson have arrived at Washington.

Mr. W. Y. SELLECK, in a letter to the Governor, forwards the following names of Wisconsin soldiers in hospitals at the places named :

Maj. Enoch Totten, 5th wounded in the hand.
Lt. A. Trumbull, D, 5th, wounded right arm.
Lt. Jus. Timmons, 6th, wounded slightly.
Lt. Sam’l. Rossetter, B, 5th, wounded right arm.
Lt. Ule Greesley, 7th, wounded slightly.
Capt. Wm. Remington, E, 6th, wounded slightly.
Luther M. Hayes, D, 2d, wounded slightly.
Otis Evans, I, 2d, do
Sergt. Robert M. Burns, B, 2d, do
Henry G. Williams, G, 2d, do
Corp. Thos. Lyons, F, 2d, do
Richard E. Cooner, E, 5th, do
Sergt. C. O. Harrington, E, 5th, do
Wm. A. McNaughton, F, 5th, do
Ole Oleson, K, 5th, do
James McInelly, D, 5th, do
Lars W. ___, D, 5th, do
Henry Curray, E, 5th, do
Sergt. Nathan Southard, B. 6th, do
Sergt. Joseph D. Sharp, A, 7th, do
G. L. Pulver, B, 7th, do
Corp. James Murphy, D, 7th, do
Corp. Herbert Lull, A, 7th, do
Hugh Evans, G, 7th, do
John H. Brown, A, do
Marcus M. Burke, A, 7th, wounded slightly.
Corp. Thomas Strangeway, A, 7th, wounded slightly
Dewitt Collins, G, 1st U. S. Sharpshooters, wounded slightly.
H. A. C. O’Conner, A, 7th, wounded slightly.
Serg’t. W. H. Patten, E, 6th, do
Henry Boker, F, 6th, do
F. H. Davenport, D, 5th, do
Samuel Eliott, D, 2d, do
Jesse H. Hyatt, L, 6th do
George Evans, A, 7th, do
Samuel Bouckman, A, 7th, do
John Campbell, I, 6th, do
Walter Woolridge, K, 7th, do
George Phinny, A, 7th, wounded slightly.
George Donalson, A, 7th, do
Jas. Snodgrass, C, 2d, do
Corp. Lewis B. Morton, A, 2d, do
Milo Bennett, A, 2d, do
George H. Cole, D, 7th, do
John Milton, B, 7th, do
Henry Sicklers, B, 7th, do
Edward A. Heath, F, 5th, do
Cyrus May, A, 6th, do
Alfred Hutchinson, F, 7th, do
Alvin Eager, D, 2d, do
George Eggleston, C, 6th, do
A. R. Sprague, C, 5th, wounded slightly.
James Hall, A, 6th, do
Geo, W. Downing, K, 6th, do
Joseph Harker, H, 5th, do
W. A. Magden, A, 5th, do
Abraham Adkin, I, 5th, do
Wm. H. Dole, I, 5th, do
Alex. B. Adams, F, 2d, do
Corp. L. L. Hatch, B, 5th, wounded slightly.
Corp. D. C. Smith, B, 5th, do
Myron H. Perrigo, B, 5th, do
G. W. Currin, B, 2d, do
Walter P. Smith, I , 2d, do
Corp. Richard J. Leiser, A, 2d, do
Wm. Frawley, C, 2d, do
F. Muller, C, 7th, do
J. Brown, C, 5th, do
A. Ahrandt, C, 5th, do
H. Gottlieb, A, 5th, do
C. Fifer, I, 5th, do
C. Giller, D, 5th, do
J. Stable, H, 5th, do
C. Ammon, C, 5th, do
G. W. McIntyre, I , 7th, do
James M. Edicott, F, 7th, do
Edmund R. Parks, E, 7th, do
Corp. Frank Young, C, 6th, do
Chas. H. Clay, C, 2d, do
D. M. Howe, B, 5th, do
Serg’t Henry Rewey, C, 7th, do
Corp. W. L. Black, H, 2d, do
Thos. C. Garrity, I, 5th, do
David J. Spencer, G, 5th, do
D. W. McCart, H, 5th, do
Lt. Richard Carter, I, 5th, sick, debility.
James McCubbln, H, 7th, wounded slightly.
D. V. Francis, I , 5th, do
Squire, Peters, E, 7th, do
James Bishop, H, 7th, do
Serg’t Augustus Gehic, F, 6th, do
John Langeoman, F, 6th, do
A. Searles, I, 6th, do
La Fayette Haskins, A, 7th, do
John R. Armes, H, 7th, do
Henry Baker, F, 5th, do
Serg’t Leopold Beauman, K, 5th, do
Geo.W. Holbrook, A, 5th, do
Isaac Selorer, D, 5th, do
Hank Shaw, G, 7th, wounded slightly.
Philip Smith, E, 2d, do
Musician James Buresome, K, 2d, do
Corp. Jacob Markle, B, 2d, do
George Booth, F, 7th, do
Webster Cook, F, 7th, do
Corp. Wm. W. Hastings, E, 5th, do
Thomas Barnes, A, 5th, do
Levi Croisant, A, 7th, do
Harvey H. Bonham, F, 7th, do
Corp. Lewis Mishlet, A, 7th, wounded slightly.
Serg’t Spencer G. White, B, 5th, do
Serg’t Jule Enert, A, 5th, do
Frederick Moody, H, 5th, do
Julluis Engleke, B, 7th, do
Abel Spahn, H, 5th, do
John Dysdale, C, 6th, do
Henry Rupk[e], F, 7th, do
Russell Brown, F, 5th, do
Geo. Fink, F, 6th, do
Henry M. White, H, 2d, do
Corp. John C. Stout, C, 7th, do
Andrew A Nickerson, K, 2d, do
Thomas W. Riley, H, 7th, do
Serg’t Charles O. Spaulding, B, 7th, do
Francis M. Nash, I, 7th, do
Lyman F. Vannorman, [I, 7th,] do
Corp. Henry Klinebelter, D, 7th, do
Wm. B. Williams, B, 2d, wounded slightly.
Edwin D. Weeks, B, 2d, do
David C. Smith, H, 7th, do
John C. Bodem, H, 7th, do
Theodore Eli, K, 7th, do
Peter Miller, K, 7th, do
Geo. F. Watson, K, 7th, do
Corp. W. R. Ingalls, B, 7th, do
Spencer Bronson, B, 7th, do
Eli Mattoon, K, 7th, do
Erastus Rugg, I, 7th, do
U, Perkins, K, 7th, do
Wm. Hughes, K, 7th, wounded slightly.
L. H. Ingalls, E, 7th, sick.
Adam C. Bell, H, 5th, wounded slightly.
S. H. Tracy, I, 6th, do
Harmon Cole, I, 6th, do
Lyman Kelley, I, 7th, do
Isaiah Altenburg, G, 7th, do
John W. Elder, H, 7th, do
Patrick Roney, I, 7th, do
1st Serg’t John N. Hoyt, K, 7th, do
Thomas Malcomson, F, 2d, do
Serg’t Owen C. Ball, A, 7th, wounded slightly.
Joseph Shireny, H, 2d, do
Corp. Chas. P. Anton, G, 2d, do
Serg’t Lewis A. Baker, D, 5th, do
John B. Van Vlack, F, 5th, do
Mattey Wohl, C, 5th, do
Serg’t Thos. S. Peck, H, 2d, do
Francis Doyle, E, 2d, do
Edward Moscrip, E, 2d, do
Serg’t W. H. Hockabout, I, 6th, do
Francis Cole, H, 2d, do
D. C. Fenton, I, 6th, do
Joseph Walker, E, 7th, do
James W. Hyde, C, 2d, do
Geo. J. Collins, E, 7th, do
Wm. J. Miles, E, 7th, do
Robt. H. Branton, A, 2d, do
Geo. W. Williams, I, 2d, wounded slightly.
Peter Adrian, C, 6th, do
John Kennedy, K, 6th do
Albion Cummings, B, 6th, do
Joseph M. Wing, A, 7th, do
Bruce Bryan, F, 7th, do
Corp. Wm. R. Ray, F, 7th, do
Alonzo Lombard, K, 7th, do
John Robinson, C, 7th, do
John C. Bold, K, 7th, do
Thomas Adams, H, 7th, wounded slightly.
Joseph Lincoln, E, 5th, do
Rob’t Mason, H, 2d, do
John Doyle, C, 2d do
S. R. Whitehead, I, 2d, do
Geo. Atkinson, F, 7th, skull fractured.
Lewis J. Ladloff, B, 6th, wounded slightly.
Peter Sweeney, G, 6th, do
Henry Turner, A, 7th, do
John Q. Evans, D, 5th, wounded slightly.
M. W. Hartman, G, 2d, wounded slightly.
W. S. Darlin, A, 6th, do
Corpl. Chas. A. Osborn, E, 7th, do
Alonzo Bardwell, E, 7th, do
Geo. E. Kecher, D, 7th, do
John Farmer, E, 7th, do

Killed and Missing of the 7th Wisconsin.

Near Spottsylvania C. H., May 15 }

Editors Wisconsin State Journal.

The following lists contain the names of the killed, wounded and missing of field and staff and the different companies of the regiment from the 5th of May to the 15th inclusive :

Lt. Col. Mark Finnnicum, wounded slightly in the head, still on duty.  Adjutant Samuel H. Phillips, wounded slightly in the leg, still on duty.  Sergeant Major Russell L. Moore, shot through left arm.


Lt. Col. Commanding 7th Wis. Vet. Vols. (As we had Mr. SELLECK’S list of wounded already in type when Col. FINNICUM’S letter came to hand, we append only the list of killed and missing given in the letter.—EDS. STATE JOURNAL.)


Killed—1st Lt. James Holmes, Joseph Brown, Oscar B. Hobart, Sabart Johnson, Wm. Kerst, Alonso Labarr, Peter R. Rafferty, David E. Steers, Jas Sanders.
Missing—Corp. Marris H. Buck, wounded; Orrin N. Cole, wounded; Jacob Laeninger, wounded in right shoulder.


Killed—Serg’t Theron Helm, Corp’l Oscar A. Hurlbut, Corp’l Peter A. Bottom, Corp’l Wesley Richardson, John Jennings, Charles Keppen .
Missing—Jas. K. Salesbury, Peter Lusk, Charles Wendt.


Killed—Capt. Jefferson Newman, Serg’t George Mitchell, James K. Armstrong, Wm. H. Carpenter, L. D. Hirst, E. M. Baker.
Missing—Wm. Carlisle, C. D. Fuller, A. R. Green, Wm. Calvert.


[Killed—]Corp’l L. S. Isham, wounded severely and left on the field.
Missing—J. Young, missing and wounded; John Thomas; Drummer R. Crane.


Killed—Corp. George S. Dewey, Corp. Geo. A. Orvis, Daniel E. Casey, Frank A. Guptil, Charles H. Marsh, James M. Smith, Charles Smith, William H. H. Wheelock.
—George Hopwood, J.G.D. Wall.


Killed—Peter Francis.
Edgar Moses, E. F. McDonald, Robert Blakely, Frank Brother.


Killed—Serg’t George Lytle, Wm. Johnson, Joseph Ruger.
Missing—Albert Stambrook, John Day.


Killed—Orderly Sergt. Joesph Heath, left on the field and supposed killed; John P. Jenkins; Corp. Timothy Kellaher; Robt. J. Custis; G. A. Smith; Edward Carver, left on the field and supposed to be killed; James Andrew; Stambury Hitchcock; Hiram Kerney; Fred Manden; Edward L. Riley;  John Wright; Thomas Adams; Thomas Chapman and Hiram S. Scott were left on the field and supposed to have been killed.
Missing—Robert Allen, John M. Elder, D. C. Smith, Mark Smith was severely wounded and left on the field.


Killed—Corp. Benj. Updike, Cyrus Wyman, William P. Dawes.
Missing—John N. Rowe, Richard Flimings [Flemings], John White, Lewis Shroll.


Killed—Edward Ranney.
Missing—Stilman [Stillman] Wood, Reubin [Reuben] Livingston.

Wounded of the 19th Regiment.

The 19th Wisconsin is the only regiment from this State in Gen. Butler’s command.—It was engaged in the heavy skirmishing on the Petersburg and Richmond Turnpike on the 13th and 14th.  The following members of the regiment are mentioned in the New York Herald’s correspondence as wounded and in the Corps hospital on the 14th inst. :

Frederick Kane, F ;  Jasper Potter, C ;  Morrison Stevens, C ;  George Johnson, C ;  Joseph C. Fosnot, A ;  Henry Hack, F ;  N. W. Pitts, A ;  Frederick Stines, F ;  Robert Sawyer, E.

1.  W. Yates Selleck (1832-1913) was originally from New York but was living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, by 1850. He found employment with an insurance company and was one of the founders of the Young Men’s Republican Club in March, 1860, acting as the club’s corresponding secretary. He supported Abraham Lincoln for president and supported the Salomon brothers, thus winning an appointment in Washington, D.C., following the 1860 elections. In Washington Selleck helped organize the Wisconsin Soldiers’ Aid Society, which furnished aid to sick and needy soldiers.  Washington, D.C.-based Society members also visited Wisconsin soldiers in Washington area hospitals. As a result of Selleck’s work with the Society, he was appointed as Wisconsin’s State Military Agent to oversee Wisconsin’s sick and wounded soldiers. According to Frank L. Klement in “Governor Edward Salomon, W. Yates Selleck, and the Soldiers’ Cemetery at Gettysburg,” Selleck “performed his duties with a dedication and ability unmatched by any other state agent in the Washington area.” (Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters, vol. 61, 1973, pages 11-28.)  Selleck’s first name has been identified as “Waldron,” “Washington,” and “William”; not sure which is correct.


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