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1864 June 4: Sixth Wisconsin’s Losses in the Recent Battles

June 5, 2014

The following is from the June 4, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.  This would have been an important list for readers of the Journal because Company B of the 6th Wisconsin was raised in this area and was originally known as the Prescott Guards.  While not everyone in the company was from this area, the majority were.

From the Sixth Wisconsin—Losses in the recent Battles.

Correspondence of the State Journal.

Battle Field near Spottsylvania C. H., Va., }
May 19, 1864. }

The following is a list of casualties in the 6th Wisconsin Veteran Volunteers, from May 5th to May 18th, inclusive :


Killed—Capt. Rollin P. Converse, 1st Lieut. Howard F. Pruyn, 1st Lieut. Oscar Graitz.
Wounded—Major Philip W. Plummer, and prisoner ;  Capt. Wm. N. Remington ;  Capt. Thomas Kerr, slightly ;  1st Lieut. James L. Converse, and prisoner ;  2d Lieut. John Timmons ;  2d Lieut. Howard J. Huntington, slightly.
Missing—Capt. John A. Kellogg.


Killed—John Hedges.
Wounded—Serg’t. William Sayre ;  James Whitty ;  Cyrus Macy, slightly ;  Jarvis R. Hall ;  Walter S. Devlyn ;  Ebenezer Dawley, slightly ;  Frank Graham ;  William Palmer ;  B. Pointon, slightly ;  Archy Long ;  A. F. F. Jenson.
Missing—Serg’t. Nelson Moore, Charles Kellogg.


Killed—James Richardson, James Wells, Thomas W. Alverson.
Wounded—Serg’t. M. V. Smith, severely ;  Corp. L. J. Loudluff ;  Richard Fielding ;  Albion Cummings ;  L. C. Hale, slightly ;  Corp. Frank Howe, prisoner ;  Alby C. Smith, prisoner ; Melchoir Streiff, prisoner.
Missing—John Thompson, Jerome A. Hall.


KilledW. W. Fisher.
Serg’t. N. S. Bull, Corp. James Sykes, slightly ;  A. R. Sprague, Frederick Ammon, Christian Ammon, Peter Adrian, Chas. H. Clay, Peter George, Bratin B. Morris, Alex. Turk, slightly, Chas. N. Totman, W. Wallin, Ambrose M. Young, prisoner.


Wounded—Moses Decker, Peter Boswme, Chas. A. Dathe, Thos. Fitzgerald.


Killed—Serg’t. John H. Burns.
Wounded—Sergeant Norther H. Patten, Serg’t. Geo. D. Eggleston, Corp. John P. Hart, prisoner ;  John Weymer, W. Smith, Alfred Root, Wm. H. Rowe, Edwin C. Jones.
Missing—Robert Campbell, Thos. Lawler.


Wounded—Serg’t. August Gehbe, Sergeant Frederick Haymow, Henry Brekerer, Christian Bundy, George Fink, Andrew Job, slightly, John Londerman, Philip Schardt, Joseph Schmidtz, severely, Philip Staumitz.


Wounded—Corporal James Avery, Corp. Allen Richal, Barnard Christer, John Kilmaria, Peter Sweeney, James W. Webb.
Missing—Stephen M. Page, B. Parkerson.


Killed—Serg’t Nicholas Snyder, Thomas Blake, John Moy, Frederick Schmidt.
Wounded—Corp. Isaac Gillespie, Corporal Charles Harding, Corp. Dennis Kelley, Corp. August Scherlitz, John Keller, Paul Mallitan, John Jenson, John Hirdeg, John Bersch, Samuel Taylor, Henry Weimen.
Missing—Fred Schlopsten.


Killed—Corp. W. H. Nichols, Leroy S. Benedict, Charles F. Dibble.
Wounded—Serg’t. W. H. Hockabout, Corp. Job S. Driggs, Corp. Reuben Thompson, Corp. Wm. S. Cushing, Corp. Ichabod B. Hill, Gilber L. Allen, Nathan Birchett, DeWitt C. Fenton, Wm. M. Collins, Peter Markle, Hiram M. Richardson, Isaac W. Roberts, John C. Barry, Hariman Cole, Richard Grey, James C. Moody, Edward Willard, John C. Campbell, Abraham Searles, David Lind, Clark Smith, John W. White, Caleb C. Wright, severely.
Missing—Corp. Albert Thompson, Charles E. Barnes, J. P. Johnson.


Killed—Aaron Yates.
Wounded—Serg’t Andrew Gallopp, Corp. James L. Barney, Corp. Thomas Ellsworth, Amasa A. Davis, James H. Rhodes, Joel W. Ranney, slightly, John Kennedy, Thos. Flynn, Geo. Downing.
Missing—John Simpson.


Killed—Officers 3 ;  Enlisted men 14.
Wounded—Officers 6 ;  Enlisted men 103.
Missing—Officers 1 ;  Enlisted men 13.
Aggregate loss 140.

The loss in the corps (5th, Maj. Gen. Warren [Gouverneur K. Warren], commanding) is reported to be 1,200 killed, 11,500 wounded and about 1,200 missing.  Gen. Cutler [Lysander Cutler] is in command of the division, Col. Robinson,¹ of the 7th, of the Brigade, and Col. Bragg² is in command of the 3d Brigade.

1.  William Wallace Robinson (1819-1903) was colonel of the 7th Wisconsin Infantry. He attended Norwich Military Academy and in 1840 opened his own academy in Ohio. In the Mexican War he was lieutenant and then captain of a company in the 3rd Ohio Infantry. In 1852 Robinson went to California for the gold rush, returned to Minnesota and founded the village of Winton, moved to Sparta, Wisconsin, and became a farmer and colonel in the state militia. In August 1861 he was appointed lieutenant colonel of the 7th Wisconsin Infantry and was promoted to colonel in January 1862. Robinson was wounded in the leg at the Batle of Ganesville on August 28, 1862. He recovered from his wound in time to lead the regiment at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville. During the Battle of Gettysburg he took over command of the Iron Brigade when Brigadier General Solomon Meredith was wounded. Robinson continued to command the brigade through the rest of 1863 and off and on through the Overland Campaign of 1864. Worn out, he resigned on July 9, 1864. After the War, in 1875, Robinson was appointed United States Counsul to Madagascar, where he spent twelve years.
2.  Edward Stuyvesant Bragg (1827-1912) was colonel of the 6th Wisconsin Infantry. He was a lawyer and district attorney in Fond du Lac before the Civil War, and a delegate to the 1860 Democratic National Convention. He was commissioned a captain in the 6th Wisconsin in July 1861 and was promoted to major in September, lieutenant colonel in June 1862, and colonel in March 1863. He was wounded at the Battle of Chancellorsville, and missed the Battle of Gettysburg due to his wounds. Bragg was promoted to brigadier general of Volunteers in June 1864. He commanded the Iron Brigade for the latter part of the War. Bragg resume his law practice after the War, served in the Wisconsin senate (1868-1869) and the U.S. House of Representatives from Wisconsin (1877-1883)

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