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1864 June 25: Confederate Deficiencies

June 28, 2014

The following news from the Confederacy is from the June 25, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Rebel News.

The Richmond correspondent of the London Times, writing under date of April 21, confirms the report of the removal of part of the rebel Treasury Department from Richmond.  He says :

Upon my return here, I find that the clerks, male and female, employed in the clipping and signing Confederate Treasury Notes, have been ordered to report at Columbia, S. C., where the notes are printed, and that the employees in the 2d Auditor’s bureau have been transferred to Montgomery, Ala., the town in which the Provisional Government was originally organized.  The step has been taken, as I learned from the most trustworthy sources, in consequence of the scarcity of provisions in Richmond, which, since the beginning of the war, has at once been a besieged city and a city of refuge and resort.  The deficiency of transportation, arising from the deterioration of the railway lines, and the deficiency of food in Virginia, arising from the occupancy of important grain growing districts by the enemy, to say nothing of the presence here at all times of a large number of Government employees, refugees, visitors and persons belonging to the army, render it necessary for the government to practice the utmost economy in the consumption of food.  It is not improbable, therefore, that other persons connected with its service at the capital, whose duties can be performed at one place as well as another, will be sent to points more convenient to supplies.

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