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1864 July 2: 6th Wisconsin, Company B Casualties at Petersburg

July 3, 2014

The following letter from William W. Hutchins with the 6th Wisconsin Infantry was published in the July 2, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.  Like yesterday’s post about the 37th Wisconsin Infantry, the 6th Wisconsin was also involved in the Second Battle of Petersburg.

Letter from W. W. Hutchins.

We are in receipt of a letter from W. W. HUTCHINS, now Q. M. Sergeant of the Sixth Regiment, dated June 19, in which he says ;

“Old Co. B has again, as usual, been under fire.  In the attack on Petersburg yesterday, our division made a charge driving the rebels a mile and a half, capturing two lines of works, and securing and holding a position near the inner line of works from which the rebels cannot dislodge them.  They are now in full view of the city, and hold the railroad to the south of it.  Our lines now encircle the city.

I hear that the colored troops behaved splendidly, capturing 2000 prisoners and 16 guns, but the prisoners were subsequently recaptured.  The rebels are in a decidedly bad way, and if GRANT [Ulysses S. Grant] don’t get Richmond and LEE’s [Robert E. Lee] army and the Concern called the Southern Confederacy, this summer, I shall lose my guess.

The army is in splendid condition and strikes hard.  Troops are pouring in by thousands.  The casualties in Co. B are as follows ;  Private WM. DOUGLAS, wounded in leg, since amputated; Private J. CUMMINGS, wounded and missing, supposed killed.  The rest are all well and healthy.  Capt. Hyatt is well [Charles P. Hyatt].

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