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1864 July 9: Casualties from the 36th Wisconsin Infantry at 2d Petersburg

July 14, 2014

The following list of casualties appeared in The Prescott Journal of July 9, 1864.  The casualties occurred at the Second Battle of Petersburg.

From the 36th Regiment—Official List of Casualties.

NEAR PETERSBURG, VA., June 19, 1864. }

Hon. James T. Lewis, Governor of Wisconsin :

SIR :  I have the honor to submit the following list of casualties in the 36th Wisconsin Volunteers in the charge of June 18th, near Petersburgh [sic], Va.

Lt. Col. John A. Savage was severely wounded in arm, shoulder and chin.

Major Harvey M. Brown was wounded in back and thigh, severely.

All wounded have been sent to Washington.

       .Very respectfully,
C. E. WARNER, Capt. Co. B,
  .Commanding 36th Wis. Vol.

List of Killed, Wounded and Missing of the 36th Wis. Vols., June 18th, 1864, in the Charge at Petersburg, Va.


Killed.—H. J. Hayden.
Wounded.—C. Avon, J. Burns, F. Dewey, B. C. Hollen, E. J. Long, E. Mead, W. Wright, J. Welch, J. A. Hill.


Wounded.—G. Atwood; Samuel Brink, foot amputated; J. T. Quimby, slightly.


Killed.—Corp’l. C. Cleaves, D. Cole, D. Douglas, A. Ingalls, P. G. Walker.
Wounded.—C. Frink; V. Griffin, severe; E. H. Amiden, do.; J. A. Cross, slight in head; H. Sacia, severe; C. Witliph, do. in hip; A. Steber, head; R. Balcomb, leg; J. Wilkinson, knee; H. Cane, slight; J. Baker, head; S. Van Wert, arm; H. Hudson, leg; W. E. Polley; J. Printz, leg.


Killed.—D. H. Carle, H. Dennis.
Wounded.—Sergt’s Geo. Gans and C. D. Cramer, severely; Corp’ls Geo. Raymor, W. Bell, slight; J. O. Herrick, severe; N. Adams, severe; J. Adams, G. E. Park, severe; W. W. Rodrick, do.; J. Otter, do.; F. Wenger, W. Markwell, E. Vanderbilt, slight.


Wounded.—J. Haley, head; W. S. Reed, arm; J. Jackson, thigh; N. Fossnight, back; A. Burbank, arm.


Wounded.—C. H. Cape, leg; W. Stringlor, leg; A. Eggabond, finger; M. McIntire, arm.


Wounded.—J. Christman, head; J. Moran, shoulder; T. D. Phillips, neck.


Wounded.—2d Lt. G. S. Norris, severely; Sergt. R. J. Passmore, Corp. C. P. Peck, Corp. W. H. Patten, Corp. L. E. Pease, W. S. Allen, J. Brennan, A. C. Chase, A. Dayton, T. Fisher, G. W. Hodgden, F. Jennings, J. Kohler, G. W. McDonald, E. B. Parish, S. Stanton, M. Vandusen.
Missing.—E. Stewart.


Killed.—Corp. B. F. Grant.
Wounded.—W. H. Bright; T. M. Brenton, wrist; F. Daugherty, thumb; E. Houghton, hip; A. Brenner, head; C. Andre, shoulder; F. M. Brant, mortally.


Killed.—H. Wright, L. Johnson, W. Butterfield.
Wounded.—1st Lt. E. A. Galloway, mortally; 2d Lt. Joseph Harris, breast, arm and chest; D. Bassett, Sergt. A. J. McCann, Sergt. J. R. Ellis, Corp. W. W. Chapel, Corp. E. L. Fidler, Corp. M. Bittler, I. D. Cooper, A. Carbon, C. Miller, C. H. Lurn, J. Colman, H. J. Hoyt, L. Koller, M. A. Shoffer.

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