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1864 July 9: News of Local Soldiers John Otis, John Goldsberry; Wisconsin Sick and Wounded at Vicksburg

July 15, 2014

Following are the smaller news items from the July 9, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Finger002  We regret to learn that John Otis,¹ of Co. A, 12th Reg., son of Franklin Otis, Esq., died in hospital a short time ago.  No soldier ever entered the service with purer motives, and his death is a severe affliction to his aged parents.

Finger002  JOHN GOLDSBERRY, Co. F, 37th, has returned home on furlough, having been wounded before Petersburg, June 17th.  Johny made a quick trip to Dixie and back.

Finger002  Henry E. Sinyzer has been appointed 1st Lieut. Co. E, 6th Reg., vice Chas. P. Hyatt, promoted.  The Lieut. has fairly won the position.

Finger002  Fremont [John C. Frémont] is called the “Pathfinder,” but he evidently is off from the right path to the White House.

Finger002  There was a large Fremont Ratification meeting in New York a few days since.  The material for the meeting was borrowed from the Democrats.—Gen. McClellan [George B. McClellan], was cheered much more than Fremont.  It is unlucky fro Fremont that the mass of his supporters are to fill up the time until they have a nominee of their own.

Finger002  S. S. Fifield, of the Polk County Press, was in town this week.  We are glad to see him so well recovered from his recent severe illness.  [The reason we have not had articles from the Press.]

Finger002  An interesting letter from “BOB” EDEN, Capt. Co. B, 37th Reg., will be found on the inside of this paper.

Finger002  Two years ago the Copperhead press strongly opposed the $300 commutation as a measure to favor the rich and drag the poor into the army ;  and now that it is repealed, they are violent in denunciation of the repeal.  What will suit them?

DEATH OF CAPT. HUNTER.—Capt. J. W. Hunter,² of the Third Wisconsin, formerly of this place, who was wounded in one of the late battle in Georgia, has died of his wound.—Monroe Sentinel.

Sick and Wounded Soldiers at Vicksburg.

The following is a list of sick and wounded soldiers in hospital in Vicksburg, from June 14th to June 18th, furnished by Mrs. C. A. P. HARVEY, Wis. State agent :

John Baker, H, 33d regiment.
A. Antoine,³ F, 14th do
R. H. Douglass,4 E, 8th do
E. E. Pauline,5 L, 2d cavalry.
George Hewitt, E, do
G. Haydy, H, do
H. Belch, H, do
Henry Jung, H, do
H. L. Brooks,6 M, do
___ Kanouse,7 F, do
Orson Mills, C, do
James E. Cronk, M, do

1.  John A. Otis, from Trimbelle, died June 11, 1864, in Rome, Georgia, from “disease.”
2.  James W. Hunter, from Monroe, was captain of Company F of the 3rd Wisconsin Infantry. He died June 8, 1864, at Chattanooga, from wounds received May 25.
3.  Abram Antoine, from Fort Howard, died June 11, 1864, in Vicksburg.
4.  Robert H. Douglass, from Salem, died June 8, 1864, in Vicksburg.
5.  Ernest Pauline, from Fountain City, died June 12, 1864, on the Hospital steamer H.W. Thomas.
6.  Perry L. Brooks, from Porter, died August 17, 1864, in Vicksburg.
7.  Thomas Kanouse, from Richland Center, was discharged with a disability on July 3, 1864.


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