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1864 July 23: Wounded Soldiers Return to Wisconsin

July 27, 2014

The following list of wounded soldiers from the 1st Wisconsin Cavalry; the 1st, 3rd, 6th, 8th, and 10th Batteries; and the 1st, 3rd, 12th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 26th, 29th, 32nd, 33rd, and 35th Wisconsin Infantries; plus five Minnesota soldiers from the 1st Minnesota Battery and the 4th and 10th Minnesota Infantries.  There are a number of soldiers from Company A of the 12th Wisconsin Infantry, which is the Lyon Light Guard from Prescott; those men are indicated with bold.  There are also two men from Osceola in the 10th Battery on the list.  The list was published in the July 23, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

From the Wisconsin State Journal.

Arrival at Harvey Hospital.

The following is a list of soldiers transferred to Harvey Hospital from Jefferson Barracks, Mo.  They came up under charge of Assistant Surgeon P. V. SCHENCK, U. S. A., and reached here on the 12th.  The men are all comfortable.

WISCONSIN SOLDIERS. Hermann Opitz, A, 26th.
James M. Brackett, 1st battery. Abner C. Thompson, H, 16th.
Serg’t. Christian I. Sasse, D, 23d. Andrew Young, B, 25th.
Edward Kennedy, B, 23d. John Handy, F, 16th.
Jesse J. Fuller, K. 23d. John W. Tuckwood, C, 25th.
Charles H. Tichnor, A, 12th. Corp. Benjamin F. Huston, C, 22d.
Albert R. Simpson, H, 16th. Henry D. Bailey, F, 18th.
John Wilson, E, 14th. Francis E. Bush, B, 32d.
George D. Appel, K, 17th. Thomas Lindenwood, E, 22d.
Frank H. Paralow, K, 17th. Henry J. Williams, B, 32d.
Jonathan P. Rathbun, I, 16th. John Peters, F, 16th.
Edward L. Soper, K, 16th. Sergt. Phillip Zipp, E, 26th.
John Q. A. Soper, E, 32d. William F. Reynolds, L, 1st cav.
Ira McDonald, C, 22d. John W. Button, G,         do
Fred. W. Mace, D, 32d. Thomas J. Lynch, K,       do
Albert Wood, H, 3d. Adam Wrust, C, 26th.
William Nalley, K, 16th. Robert Voight, H, 26th.
Henry Sedgwick, A, 21st. Alexander Sherret, 16th U.S.
Corp. Frank Parso, I, 21st. Joseph Bradley, A, 14th.
Robert Turner, H, 25th. Frederick Gerbel, E, 26th.
Henry Brockman, D, 17th. Frederick Smith, K, 26th.
Henry H. Holcomb, D, 25th. George I. Smith, C, 22d.
George F. Allen, E, 1st cavalry. William Mulligan, E, 22d.
Daniel Butler, D, 24th. William Hauser, E, 24th.
Frederick Reinecker, E, 26th. Gotleib Eitel, K, 16th.
Michael Bentley, H, 1st. J. F. Skewes, H, 22d.
Ezra J. Bartlett, A, 12th. Geo. W. Crosby, 1st cav.
Andrew Stewart, E, 24th. Wm. Scranton, B, 16th.
John McMillan, A, 12th. Barton S. Bullard, I, 1st.
Elisha Wadsworth, E, 16th. David H. Elliott, I, 21st.
Joseph Robinson, B, 12th. Charles Hancock, G, 21st.
Alexander Harvey, G, 25th. Ransom Fadder, G, 1st.
Joseph Severance, A, 12th. Albert Dockstader, D, 22d.
Milton Green, F, 25th. Richard Hodge, G, 14th.
Michael Conway, B, 1st cavalry. Jedediah O. Tyler, E, 14th.
Jeremiah Plemmon, B, 1st cavalry. Curtis Crow, B, 1st cav.
Michael F. Murphy, L, 1st cav. Edward Dwyer, C, 1st cav.
Amander Hartshorn, E, 32d. John Dunningberg, I, 1st cav.
George Hill, M, 1st cav. Jasper Knowles, F, 1st cav.
Green Mayfield, B, 25th. Milton P. Dnnis, D, 1st.
John Rusford, F, 16th. Wm. Cerit, B, 26th.
Edwin B. Bly, F, 16th. Marvin Nellis, H, 1st.
David H. Hilton, F, 16th. Wend. Findra, H, 26th.
Edwin Rogers, K, 12th. Wend. Kapinas, H, 26th.
Ambrose Bennett, F, 17th. Frank Beran, H, 26th.
Moses F. Catlin, 10th Battery. Lewis D. St. John, D, 14th.
Urs Probat, K, 25th. Orth Coldren, K, 22d.
William Fry, F, 32d. Joel L. Greggs, C, 1st.
Lorenzo H. Pickard, B, 17th. Robert Roberts, I, 1st.
Louis Nayers, G, 17th. Martin Cook, A, 22d.
Charles Volgaford, F, 25th. Knud Erickson, B, 15th.
Sergt. Edward D. Menton, G, 1st cav. Gerald Fields, D, 1st cav.
Charles Stien, E, 26th. Parson C. Pierce, I, 1st cav.
John Kastenbercer, A, 11th. Samuel Sammer, E, 1st cav.
David Aylsworth, D, 11th. Alden L. Goungman, E, 1st cav.
John Ellsworth, F, 35th. Wm. Price, D, 14th.
Eugene Barrott, C, 29th. Wm. Catanch, B, 16th.
Edward Phillips, E, 21st. Edward R. Cook, E, 16th.
G. W. Lent, H, 16th. Edward W. Bradley, H, 10th.
Thomas Brag, D, 1st. Matthias Thomas, F, 12th.
Henry H. Bennett, E, 12th. Jos. W. Edwards, B, 32d.
Berkley Farrel, B, 24th. H. W. Dunning, 6th bat.
Thomas J. Ford, H, 22d. Reilly M. Crawford, H, 16th.
William M. Ormond, G, 24th. Calvin C. Smith, F, 16th.
John H. Lewis, E, 24th. Americus Jackson, B, 1st.
Edward McDonald, H, 1st. Joseph Barrabee, E, 14th.
Joseph Decraman, B, 27th. Reuben L. Buck, C, 14th.
Murray V. Charles, A, 27th. Washington Dalph, A, 1st Cav.
Ole Christenson, F, 15th. Henry O. Brannon, F, 25th.
Jacob Jacobson, B, 15th. Clark W. Fargate, 8th battery.
Charles Grafe, H, 26th. Corp. Warren Jones, K, 22d.
John H. Fatke, 10th battery. George F. Ottman, C, 12th.
Nichlas Sharp, A, 25th. Corp. James Overson, C, 15th.
Henry C. Closson, I, 17th. Hiram C. Walker, E, 1st Cav.
Charles S. O. Christenson, I, 21st. George O. Waldo, F, ”     ”
Daniel H. Moscript, B, 21st. Sanford S. Brown, K, 16th.
Torger Erickson, E, 15th. John Deffer, A, 21st.
Harmon Harmonson, K, 10th. John Delano, G, 14th.
Corp. Frederick Siebold, B, 26th. Dwight A. Kmg, H, 16th.
George Muth, H, 22d. Henry C. Weldon, G, 24th.
John P. Victor, H, 24th. Sergt. Wm. A. Foster, C, 3d.
Milo Niles, K, 16th. MINNESOTA SOLDIERS.
Rasselas R. Stillwell, 3d battery. George W. Winans, 1st battery.
John Barry, D, 29th. John Edson, E, 10th.
John Carr, A, 12th. Thomas Iverson E, 10th.
Liberty H. Jewett, K, 32d. Thomas Darling, D, 4th.
Ebenezer C. Miller, A, 33d. John Ploof, 1st battery.
  • Charles H. Tichnor [sic: Ticknor], from Prescott
  • Ezra J. Bartlett, from Prescott
  • John McMillan, from Prescott
  • Joseph Severance, from River Falls
  • Moses F. [T.] Catlin, from Osceola
  • John H. Fatke [sic: Fathkie], from Osceola.
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