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1864 July 23: News of Local Area Soldiers, Including Two Deaths and an Interesting Poem

July 29, 2014

Following are the smaller news items from the July 23, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

 SOLDIERS AT HOME.—E. D. WHITNEY,¹ 7th Wisconsin regiment returned last week on furlough.  Mr. WHITNEY was wounded in the leg while charging the works at Petersburg, and still carries the rebel ball in his wound, which we learn is very painful.  He will probably soon recover in this climate.  We also notice WARREN SEAVEY, of the 8th Minnesota regiment, on our streets.  He is home on sick furlough.  Commissary Sergeant CHARLES D. EMORY, 47th regiment U. S. Corps de Afrique, gave us a call one day this week.—He is looking quite well and soldier-like.

CHARLEY says that his regiment of “shades” have done some good fighting, and that they are some on a “display of ivory.”  He has re-enlisted and is home on furlough.

JOHN FATHKE, 10th Wis. Battery, is also at home on “sick furlough.”

DRAFT FOR DEFICIENCIES.—There is a report that a draft will shortly be made in this State, to fill up the deficiencies under the old call for 700,000 men.

From The Prescott Journal:


Killed, in front of Petersburg, May 26th, GEORGE HOUSTON, Co. F, 37th Reg. Wis. Vols., aged 17 years, 3 mos, and 3 days.  He was shot in the head ;  lived but an hour, and his only words were “Oh God !  I’m killed!”

Oh, vainly we sigh for thy brotherly love,
And vainly we pity thy fate ;
Naught, naught can restore thee to life and to love,
Not e’en the sad plaint of thy mates.

Thy soft, glossy hair is spotted with gore—
The life-tide that ebbed from thy heart.
Thine eyes, dimmed by death, shall be bright nevermore,
And the chill of his touch ne’er depart.

Thy friends are chiding thy tedious delay,
And calling in vain for thy care ;
Their clamorous cries thou can’st never obey ;
Alas !  thy sad fate they must share.

They will wait for thy coming, till wary and faint,
They sink with a pitiful cry ;
But thou wilt be deaf to their mournful complaint,
And, like thee, all alone they must die.

We’ll fold thy cold hands on thy poor wounded breast,
And thine eyes, dim in death, we will close ;
With a tear for thy fate, we will lay thee to rest,
Where naught shall disturb thy repose.

J. C. JAY.

Finger002  Ambrose Stowell, Co. F, 30th, died on board boat, 150 miles above Ft. Sully, June 26th.  We believe he was from River Falls.

Finger002  St. Croix County is 58 behind on previous calls [for volunteers].

Finger002  “Brick” Pomeroy [M. M. “Brick” Pomeroy] calls the President the “widow-maker.”  We suppose if a Sheriff calls out a posse to quell a riot, and some of the rioters and of his posse are killed, he is a “widow-maker” also.  The President, in the interest of Government and Order, has called out a large posse to suppress a rebellion—that’s all.  Nobody cries “widow-maker” but those in sympathy with the rioters and rebels.

1.  Edwin Whitney, from Farmington, was in Company F of the 7th Wisconsin Infantry.


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