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1864 August 13: Recruits Wanted for the 42nd Wisconsin Infantry, and Other Local News

August 19, 2014

Following are the smaller news items from the August 13, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal newspapers.

From The Polk County Press:

RECRUITS WANTED FOR THE 42D REGIMENT.—It is expected that Pierce, St. Croix, and Polk counties, will raise a company for the 42d regiment.  To this end recruiting commissions have been issued by the Governor to OSCAR BROWN¹ of Hudson, and others, and work commenced.  This is the best opportunity yet offered for men in this county intending to go into the service.  If there are any men who wish to go into this new organization we should like to enlist them.  For further particulars call at this office.

PERSONAL.—H. A. TAYLOR, Capt. OSCAR BROWN, D. C. KETCHUM and H. C. LEE, of Hudson, gave us a call on Wednesday last.  These gentlemen, we understand, came among us for the purpose of “Firing the Northern heart,” and obtaining recruits for the company now being raised at Hudson, by Capt. BROWN, for the 42d regiment.  They did not meet with any immediate success in raising men.

THE DIFFERENCE.—Gov. BROWN [Joseph E. “Joe” Brown], of Georgia, has issued orders to make a levy en masse, calling all hands to the field—all men under sixty and all boys over sixteen !  Exempts are not recognized, and invalids are taken if they can possibly march and hold a musket.  This is the difference :  in the South they drive all the people into the army ;  they do not permit any criticism on the war ;  if a citizen rebels or expresses a lack of sympathy, they shoot him.  In the North we allow three-tenths of the people to curse the war, cheer on the armies of LEE [Robert E. Lee] and HOOD [John Bell Hood], denounce the Government, and discourage enlistments—then we are satisfied one-tenth of fighting men—if we can get them.  What wonder that our victory is postponed ?

THE WAR MEETING.—The war meeting which was announced to come off last Saturday, and at the Court House at 3 o’clock, and organized by electing DANIEL MEARS Chairman, and W. J. VINCENT Secretary.

A committee consisting of V. M. BABCOCK, W. J. VINCENT, AMOS GRAY and WM. KENT, was appointed to take into consideration some proper course to be taken to raise bounties for volunteers &c.  The committee reported back a resolution, which was adopted by the meeting, asking the County Board to raise a bounty of $150 per man, for volunteers, to fill the county’s quota, and in case of draft to give the same amount to the family of the drafted man.  The meeting then adjourned.

DAVID CANADAY [sic: David A. Caneday]—From the editorial correspondence of the St. Paul Press, we learn that our old friend, DAVE CANADAY [sic], of Co. C., 7th Minnesota Volunteers, was left at Tupelo in charge of seven of his wounded comrades, when his regiment returned to Memphis.  He was not missing as was first reported, but volunteered to remain with the wounded heroes of his company.  This act is characteristic of his noble warm heart, and is one of the many good traits which endears him to his friends.  At last accounts he and his wounded comrades were prisoners of war.

ENLIST AND AVOID THE DRAFT.—An enlisted man gets the following bounties :

From the Government, for one year, $100 ;  two years, $200 ;  three years, $300 ;  16 dollars per month, and board and clothes.

From the State, sixty dollars a year, if a married man, which is paid monthly to the volunteer’s family.

From Polk county, the same.  Besides these bounties he gets a large local bounty which will bring his pay up to a respectable figure.

As an exchange paper says, this is better pay than most laboring men can get in any other business—so much better as to compensate for some of the risks and deprivations, in addition to the satisfaction of serving the country in its need and assisting in striking the final blow at the rebellion.  These motives ought to bring the men wanted, without a draft, and they will if properly urged, and accompanied with energetic effort.

From The Prescott Journal:

Finger002  The people of Eau Claire and Chippewa counties are making an effort to fill their quota with Indians living in Chippewa county, if possible.  They have also appointed Col. Thorpe, of Eau Claire, to co-operate with Lt. Col. Charley Whipple, now Provost Marshal at Norfolk Va., in enlisting negroes to their credit.

Finger002  “Brick” Pomeroy [M. M. “Brick” Pomeroy] is one of the bricks who were spoiled in the baking.  He was overdone, and has a tendency to “slop over” and scatter into “brick-dust.”

Finger002  Volunteering is brisk in this Co. as most of the towns are making efforts to fill their quota.

The Attack on Petersburg.


We have received a letter from P. V. WISE, giving a graphic account of the recent explosion of a mine and attack on Petersburg, in which charge the 37th Reg., Col. SAM. HARRIMAN led the way.  Their loss was heavy, especially in Co. F.  We have not room at this late hour, for Mr. Wise’s excellent letter, but can only give the list of casualties in Capt. [Ellsworth] BURNETT’S Co. F :

     .KILLED—Sergt. M. W. Bliss, Corp. J. Little, G. Cawes, E. H. Wadlen.

     .WOUNDED—Corporal C. Lapham, in writs, corp. J. Rollin, in groin, G. Smith, in shoulder, A. Hizer, in left thing, P. McMahop, in hand, J. C. Hampton, in foot, J. Coddington, in hip, Ole Peterson, in side, W. Mund, in foot, B. Rantz, in leg, S. Graham, leg and arm, severely, corp. W. Hill, in spine, and a prisoner.

     .MISSING—G. Hay, Lars Oleson, J. J. Douglas, supposed killed.

Roster of the 42d Regiment.

We have received from the Executive office the following list of officers appointed for the newly organized 42d Regiment.  All the Second Lieutenants are appointed from veterans for meritorious services :

Colonel—EZRA T. SPRAGUE, 1st Lieut and Adjutant of 5th reg, of Green Bay.
Lt. Colonel—WALLACE W. BOTKIN, Capt. of 12th reg., of Grand Rapids.
Major—JOHN W. BLAKE, Capt. of 29th reg., of Jefferson.
Adjutant—WM. H. HOWES, 2d Lt. 30th reg., of Prescott.
Quartermaster—JOHN C. BLACKMAN, of Stoughton.
Surgeon—GEORGE D. WINCH, Ass;’t Surgeon 36th reg.
Ass’t Surgeon—GEORGE E. TALBERT, M. D., of Fall River. [actually John P. Clement]
2nd Ass’t Surgeon—L. D. GAGE, M. D., of Richland Centre. [actually Oliver P. Stevens]
Charles E. Redfield, Co. A, 8th reg., 2d Lieut., Co. A. [from Waupaca]
Harvey E. Coleman, K, 29th, 2d Lieut, B. [from Oak Grove]
Cassius M. Bush, A, 19th, 2d Lieut., C. [from Racine]
Andrew Jackson, 21st, 2d Lieut., D. [from Menasha]
Joseph S. Curtis, H, 12th, 2d Lieut., E. [from Green Bay]
James E. Hayden, B, 20th, 2d Lieut., F. [from Sun Prairie ]
Wm. Favill[e], [E,] 16th, 2d Lieut., G. [actually Charles A. Keyes from Co. E, he was from Lake Mills]
Robert H. Henry, [B,] 11th, 2d Lieut., H. [Henry actually became 1st Lieut. of Co. H, he was from Verona]
Charles E. Bowles, — reg. [E, 22d], 2d Lieut., I. [from Rock]
Charles Hubbell, — reg. [A, 1st], 2d Lieut., K. [from Wauwatosa]

SECRETARY FESSENDEN [William P. Fessenden] has issued regulations for the collection of a special war tax of five per cent on incomes of 1863.  The assessment is made on the basis of the returns for that year and in cases where deductions have been made on account of dividends or interests received from corporations, or on account of Government salaries, such deductions will be added to the returns, and the assessment made upon the whole amount.  Ten days’ notice is to be given by the Assessors to person whose old returns were not made out in detail, requesting them to be so made by October first.  The distinction heretofore made between moneys of resident and non-resident citizens is abolished.  One hundred per cent is to be added by the assessor to all returns in cases where they are proved fraudulent.  Immediately after November 1st, all lists made in accordance with these regulations will be returned to the collector, and the subsequent proceedings for the collection of the duty, will be similar to those for collection of other taxes.

TREASURY MATTERS.—It is stated in Secretary FESSENDEN’S appeal to the people, that the Treasury not unfrequently receives a million a day.  As tax on incomes now rises 2 per cent, and bank tax and license fees begin to come in, there is every prospect that, as the Secretary says, one million per day in a short time will be the rule rather than the exception.  The revenue act will, however, yield an average of a million per day for a year.  It is not, however, expected that even three hundred millions is a higher estimate than the authorities have made for the yearly receipts.

EXEMPTION OF HUNDRED DAY MEN.—A Washington dispatch to the New York Tribune says, the important question as to the exemption of militia of one hundred days service from the draft, has been decided at last, so that an intelligent understanding is had of the whole matter.  Contrary to all advices received from official sources heretofore, i now appears that militia in actual service at the time a draft is made, are declared by a decision by Solicitor WHITING [Whiting] to be exempt from that draft only.  If their time of service expires before the draft is made, they are liable to be drafted, even if but one day elapses between the expiration of their term of enlistment and the time of the draft.

1.  Oscar F. Brown did not raise a company in time for the 42nd regiment. He was captain of Company A of the 44th Wisconsin Infantry, with his commission dating from September 24, 1864. He served until mustered out August 28, 1865.


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