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1864 September 3: Enrollment List for Polk County

September 6, 2014

The following enrollment list for Polk County comes from the September 3, 1864, issue of The Polk County Press.  There are several interesting names on the list, including the State of Wisconsin’s Adjutant General, August Gaylord (technically from St. Croix Falls), and several men who had already served, such as Daniel Mears, William J. Vincent, Carmine Garlick, and Veit Geiger.  There are multiple names that are probably mis-spelled, so if you are looking for a particular person, keep that in mind.  Please post a comment with any corrected spellings.

THE ENROLLMENT LIST.—We publish the enrollment list, which through the politeness of J. M. RANDALL, Chief Clerk of the Provost Marshal Office, we are enabled to lay before our readers.  We publish it that it may be corrected.  We call the attention to the Chairmen of the different Town Boards, and trust they will take the matter in hand, and have all names stricken from the roll which they can substantiate with proof, as not belonging there.  The list is taken from the original sheets of the rolling officer, and is more imperfect than the books in the office as there has been no corrections made since the 1st of last June.

It is, however, safe to make the corrections by the list we publish.

List of Enrolled Men in Polk County.

A. Clendending, Edward Hart,
John Robinson, John Blumburg,
P. B. Lacy, Leroy Loveless,
w. [sic] M. Blanding, T. Thompson,
G. H. Peterson, John Lynch,
D. McCloud, Wallace Maan,
W. Langdon, Edwin Goodsell,
Ezra Jewell, James Eagan,
wm. [sic] Amery, Stephen P. Clark,
T. M. Bradley, Thos. Connelly,
J. C. Beede, Joseph Revet,
M. Martin, John Jurley,
Andrew Rooney, Michael Kelly,
John Lillis, R. C. Murphy,
J. H. Brawn, J. Loveless, Jr.
Alex Bildoo, W. Moody,
C. C. Fisk, Adam Seed,
J. B. Churchill, Chas. Mergaw,
Perry Frizell, Carl Cristoff,
Wm. Murphy, James Lillis,
John Ladoo, Wm. Gallaspie,
Mathew Young, Buel Goodsell,
Michael Rodgers, R. Clendenning,
Aug. Gaylord, Thadeas Thyer,
Thos. Lumsden, Robert H. Clark,
Joseph Loveless, Thomas Peek,
John Shephard, John Lagoo,
B. McHugh, 2d. Philip Lipsett,
Aug. Cadotte, Ed. Clendenning,
Henry Cole, Wm. J. Vincent,
George Wilson, Samuel Mulansen,
Aaron Loveless, Henry Diegle,
John Wilson, Wm. Yeo, Jr.


E. Masterson, drafted and commuted.
Barney McHugh, 1st, drafted and forwarded.
C. H. Churchill, served 3 months in the 1st Minnesota battery, discharged for disability, drafted and commuted.George Comer, drafted and discharged.
Wilson Loveless, drafted and commuted.
John Tollson, discharged by reason of being an Indian and receiving annuities from the Government.
S. W. Nelson, drafted and commuted.
Michael Hurley, drafted an commuted.
R. L. Reynolds, properly enrolled in La Crosse—parents claim that he is there temporaly [sic], and Polk county is his residence.
Michael McHugh, enlisted.
Wm. Ohearn, over age.
E. R. Tuttle, enlisted.
B. G. Reynolds, drafted and cischarged.
Henry D. Barron, disability.

D. E. Tewkesbury, Frederick Kruser,
Thos. Ford, Stephen Newman,
L. P. Johnson, Joseph Walter,
G. L. Tea, John Miller,
Allen Ramsey, Martin Wurst,
Harry Dick, Joseoph Metrejohn,
Samuel Wall, Julius Dohm,
Michael Creiner, Christ Slattery,
A. S. Gray, Thos. Hanrahan,
Sam’l Frances, P. Croughty,
Wm Upton, J. F. Nason,
Lepold Sticklee, Henry Mallen,
John Remley, John Demling,¹
Louis Nagler, Seth Ayers,
Joseph Pelgrim, Oliver Campbell,
Veit Griger [sic: Geiger], C. F. Nason,
John Shrouder, N. F. Hanscome,
D. Kenneday, Howard Scott,
M. H. Peaselee, Andrew Stephens,
J. G. Terry, H. Hanscome,
Peter Canott, Charles Ayers,
Louis Bonprice, M. M. Nason,
J. Richmond, H. H. Hanscome,
Chistopher [sic] Jerke, John Brandt,
John Colloin, Levi T. Nason,
Patrick Berry, Stephen Russe,
P. B. Tewkesbury, L. F. Harmon,
Ariel Sargeant, E. Moore, Jr.
B. Vakering, Sam’l Sweasey,
H. Demling,¹ Gottlick Boyle,²
Willis Scott, Andrew Fer,
Alfred Turcot, Adam Biever,
Albert Nason, P. Digler,
Wm. Wright,
Ed Hanrahan,


E. Creecd, drafted and commuted.
Loring F. Hammon, twice enrolled.
Michael Lynch, drafted and str[i]cken from the roll for being over age.
Jerome Fish, enlisted.
Peter Francis enlisted.

John Ahall, Hiram Fay,
John Hymers, Atela Hueson,
Wm. Parkers, James Lannigan,
A. A. Heald, A. Lannigan,
H. H. Wilson, Lewis Lambert,
B. M. Lane,


John Morehouse, drafted and commuted.

H. C. Goodwin, Benj. Bagron,
Frank Smith, Wm. Connelly,
Chapin Kimball, C. E. Mears,
Fowler Hale, James F. Kent,
Peter Delp, Nelson Doyle,
John Baker, A. Lindburg,
Wm. Babb, L. G. Clark,
Wm. Connelly, G. Maher,
P. Hockerson, Jacob Lenhard,
Wm. Young, D. Brosnaham,
Joseph Berg, J. Brosnaham,
Gostoff Nelson, S. T. Catlin,
R. A. Turnbull, Thos. McCoy,
J. McLain, W. C. Guild,
E. W. Waterhouse, J. H. Thomson,
S. B. Dresser, Andrew Kent,
O. F. Knapp, Ashael Kimball,
Joseph Furbish, Joseph White,
Jeff. Atwood, W. H. Bowron,
G. B. Ricketts, C. P. Garlick,
W. H. Kent, C. H. Staples,
F. W. Webb, W. A. Talboys,
S. S. Fifield, Jr. Rice Webb,
E. L. Seavey, Daniel Mears,
A. Gill_sipee, Wm. Kent,
T. Hennessey, B. F. Wills,
G. Frazier, H. Barse,
Terance Dailey, S. Rowcliffe,
William Wilson, John Hale,
George Wilson, Thos. McCabe,
John S. Irish, Jerry Mudgett,
Cornelius Clark, John Morrisey,
E. E. Blanding, Joseph Correy,
John Kent, Gotlif Maher,
H. H. Herrick, H. H. Newbury,
N. Lavacott, Cyrus Bradley,
Chas. Fields, N. Boucher,
B. P. Puttman, A. S. Thomson,
W. I. W. Cunningham.


John Wilson, drafted and commuted.
Robert Wilson, drafted and commuted.
Robert Hill, drafted and discharged for disability.
Robert Hyslop, drafted and not reported.
Isaac Hall, enlisted.
G. S. Clark, enlisted.
E. C. Tereawell, ”
A. J. Clark,         ”
H. French,          ”

Emil Florshutz, Simon Sliek,
Thomas Rodgers, Joseph Rodgers,
W. W. Turner, R. W. Cowen,
C. F. Nevers, C. Anderson,


James T. Cragin, drafted and commuted.

V. B. Kettel, H. Sawyer,
P. L. Gordon, Wm. Folsom,
A. P. Smith, P. Abrahamson,
E. Connor, Edward Gove,
L. Anderson, B. H. Connor,
Chas. Kelley, J. L. Bridgeman,
P. H. Wilson, Nelson Hills,
A. H. Connor, Joseph Parslow,
M. J. Godfrey, J. M. Thornton,
J. G. Ganther, T. Burl,
James Fluke, J. Williams,
V. M. Babcock, A. P. Peabody,
Chas. Vassan.


Philip Beal, Drafted and commuted.
John B. Hemmingway, drafted and did not report.
James I. Bennett, drafted and commuted.
A. P. Peabody, drafted and transfered to 2nd class.

1.  This surname should probably have been spelled Demulling.
2.  The given name should certainly be spelled Gottlieb. The surname could possibly be Beyl.

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