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1864 September 3: Partisan Politics and the Election of 1864

September 8, 2014

The following political items are from the September 3, 1864, issues of The Prescott Journal and The Polk County Press.

From The Prescott Journal:

 The Chicago Convention.

The Democratic Convention has nominated Geo. B. McClellan for President, and Geo. H. Pendleton, of Ohio, for Vice President.  McClellan has many warm friends, and personally, is a much better and more loyal man than the majority of the malcontents who placed him in nomination.  The platform adopted is brief, and if it means anything, means Peace on the basis of disunion, if the South will not give better terms.  That platform will damn any man who puts his foot upon it.  The people are in earnest in their determination to preserve the integrity of the territory of the Union.  They have suffered too much and are too conscious of their strength—too profoundly mindful of the disaster which would follow separation—they are too near the goal of their endeavor to relinquish it now.  That platform, and its authors and supporters will be buried in contempt by the votes of the people.—We shall print the platform next week.

The convention was largely attended, and was presided over by Hon. Horatio Seymour, of New York.

Finger002  It is worthy of remark that at the Democratic National Convention C. L. Vallandigham, the refugee, the enemy of the Government, the friend of traitors, was the most sought after and applauded of any man present.  It shows where the sympathies of that crowd were.

From The Polk County Press:

Democratic Strategy.

Perhaps there are in the North some persons verdant enough to be deceived by the querulous gabble of the Opposition press about carrying on or prolonging the war for the purpose of emancipating the slaves.—And generally it is the  columns so employed, that ever and anon now-a-days in a stealthy brigandish paragraph hint at a terrible vengeance inexorably and swiftly to follow any attempts which LINCOLN [Abraham Lincoln] shall make by military force, to deprive the supporters of the opposing candidate for presidency, of their dearest franchise—the right of suffrage.  Now this strategy may be excellent it its details, but it seems to us to be faulty in its combinations.  The same simple credulous souls, who can be operated  on by the first device above adverted to, are just the ones who will lack the pluck to appear in the body, at the election in November if they shall be made to fear that LINCOLN bayonets in the hands of a hireling soldiery are going to radiate like a hideous aureola from the dead of every elector of suspected anti-Lincoln proclivities, who shall present himself at the polls.  Not only will these bugbear mongers defeat heir own ends by thus frightening off their friends, sending them on election day to the cover of feather-beds, strawstacks and other hiding places, but they are careless, very careless of their men.  Why you might as well kill a man outright, as scare him to death !

To recur seriously to the charge that the war is being prolonged and now is waged for the sole end of freeing the slaves.  The indictment is that a war begun in the interest of slavery, against the government of the United States and for the purpose of overthrowing that government is continued and prolonged by the government with the view of releasing its own subjects from servile bondage imposed on them by the enemy.

Before God, the universe and christiandom [sic] what shall we plead ?  guilty or not guilty ?  Consider the accusation abstractly !  Was there ever a war waged before for so base and unhallowed purpose ?  does history show such another instance of unparallelled wickedness ?  How in the eyes of generations to come, will it pollute the records of these days !

But not to commit ourselves with unnecessary haste, let us enquire [sic] where and what is the evidence, that the war is prosecuted with such an animus ?

Why the condition of peace prescribed by the President in his manifesto “To whom may it concern,” the retoration [sic] of the whole Union and the abandonment of slavery.

There is the proof, that last condition.  But let us suggest that it is barely possible that the first condition—the restoration of the whole Union, is a slight obsticle [sic], in rebel eyes, to the consummation of peace.

Every thoughtful man is probably well enough satisfied that when the insurgent leaders get ready to make peace upon the conditions that the Union shall be restored, and all slaves actually held as such left to the jarisdiction [sic] of the States, in which they are held, they (the rebel authorities) will hasten to propose such terms to the government.

Candidate For Congress.

As will be seen by the proceedings of the Union Congressional Convention, which met on the 25th ult. at Sparta, published elsewhere, HON. WALTER D. McINDUE has been renominated unanimously as a candidate for Congress.

During his past term of office, GEN. McINDUE had made an able, efficient and working Member.  He is a man that every citizen of the Sixth Congressional District can well feel proud of.  By his earnest support of the Administration, and by his true blue, sound and upright principles, he has won the respect of the Nation’s counselors, and gained an influence in the Halls of Congress, such as no Member from our District ever before attained.  He is before the people as a thorough Union man, and is placed fair and square upon a true Union platform, and if the people of this District would work for their interests, they will return him to Congress by a majority which will show their appreciation of his earnest, patriotic and faithful service.

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