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1864 September 10: Editorial Against the St. Paul Pioneer as Copperheadish

September 14, 2014

The following articles are from the September 10, 1864, issue of The Prescott Journal.

Finger002  The St. Paul Pioneer for about two years past has seemed to have two political editors.  One, a loyal man, generally kept the paper true to the support of the Government, but occasionally he would be away a day or two, and the other, a copperhead, would get in some copperhead editorial.  Now the loyal editor seems to have gone away altogether, and the other fellow has it all his own way.

Finger002  The Pioneer of Sept. 7th, calls this war “four years of unmitigated calamity and disaster.”

We wonder what terms it would apply to the rebels’ experience.  It was a disaster to wrest the Mississippi and the Crescent City from rebel hands !  It was a disaster when Pemberton [John C. Pemberton] passed his sword to Grant [Ulysses S. Grant], and Vicksburg ceased to rest like an incubus on the Nation’s hope !  It was a disaster when at Gettysburg, the rebel legions, dreaming of the sack of cities and the ravage of the North, were rolled back in a tide of their own blood, rent, broken, and reeling under the terrible blow !  It was an “unmitigated disaster” when Sherman [William T. Sherman] replied to the deliberate lie of the Chicago Convention that the war was a failure, with the announcement, echoed in thunders of rejoicing all over the North, “Atlanta is ours—fairly won !”  It is, in the view of this copperhead politician, an “unmitigated calamity and disaster” but we have retaken nearly three-fourths of our stolen territory, and that the war, with its attendant waste and suffering, has been carried on in the rebellious territory, and not in our own.

Shame on the miserable liars who seek to belittle the grandeur of the Nation’s achievments [sic], and dim the glory of the national arms.  This war has brought to the loyal North unmeasured sorrow and uncounted loss, but it has been successful beyond anything writ in history, and loyal men, and loving, true-hearted women feel compensated for their loss by the proud conciousness [sic] of unshrinking fealty to Country, Liberty, and God.

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