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1864 September 24: Another New Regiment (44th), More Polk County Volunteers, Wisconsin’s 100 Day Men Return

September 30, 2014

Following are the smaller news items from the September 24, 1864, issues of The Polk County Press and The Prescott Journal.

From The Polk County Press:

ANOTHER NEW REGIMENT.—The Governor has authorized the raising of a new regiment to be known as the 44th, and has appointed Capt. Geo. G. Symes, of La Crosse, as Colonel ;  Capt. O. G. Bissell, of Hartford, Lieut. Colonel ;  Capt. W. Warner, of Shullsburg, Major ;  and J. N. Brundage, of Grand Rapids, Quartermaster.  They are all old soldiers, taken from the regiments at the front.

VOLUNTEERS.—Since the last call for 500,000 men there has been raised and forwarded from this County fourteen men, as follows :


Wm. Wright, M. H. Peaslee, Samuel Tukesbury, Peter Cuenat, C. F. Nason, Seth Ayers.


Albert Nason, John Brawn, Wm. Moody, Benj. Bergen, John Orne.


Two Half Breeds and a Norweigean [sic], names we have not learned.

The towns of Alden and Lincoln are behind, and will probably stand the draft, which will take place between now and the 1st of October.—It commenced on the 19th inst., in all the Northern States.

THE MASS MEETING.—The Hudson “Star and Times” in speaking of the great Mass meeting, says that it promises to be the largest and most enthusiastic gathering ever held in the valley.  Speeches will be made by Gov. Miller of Minn. [Stephen Miller], and Hon. Ignatius Donnelly.  The Great Western Band, of St. Paul, and the Hudson City Band and Glee Club, will be in attendance and furnish music.  The meeting will be held in the Court House Square, and commence at 2 o’clock.

— All persons intending to attend the Mass meeting at Hudson to-morrow (Saturday) will meet at the PRESS office to-night, (Friday) to complete arrangements.

HUNDRED DAY MEN.—The 39th, 40th, and 41st Regiments, hundred day troops, have returned to the State.  Quite a number of the boys have re-enlisted in the new regiments.

FREE SPEECH.—The La Crosse “Democrat,” a McClellan paper [George B. McClellan], says in a recent editorial :

“Lincoln is a traitor and a murderer, and if he is elected to misgovern for another four years, we trust that some bold hand will pierce his heart with a dagger point, for the public good.”

The Beaver Dam “Argus,” of yesterday, and a McClellan sheet, quotes this extract, and comments upon it as follows : “History shows several instances where the people have only been saved by the ‘assassination’ of their rulers, and history may repeat itself in this country.  The time may come when it will be absolutely necessary that the people do away with their rulers in the quickest way possible.”

Four years ago the sham Democratic party was voted down by the people.  The States that chose Democratic electors thereupon rose in arms to destroy the Republic which they could no longer rule.  Rebellion has proved a failure, and they now threaten assassination as a last resort against the decision of the people at the ballot box.—State Jn’l.

WHO IS PENDLETON?—The N. Y., “World” says “he is principally known to the country as a distinguished lawyer and a member of Congress.”  It should say, rather, that he is chiefly known as the man who publicly “thanked God that he had never voted or given a dollar in support of the war, or in payment of Abolition Soldiers.”  [George H. Pendleton]

The “Tribune” announces that it has been assured that Gen. Fremont [John C. Frémont] has determined to withdraw his name from the Presidential canvass.  His letter of withdrawal will soon be published.

The President has appointed Gen. Sheridan [Phillip H. Sheridan] a Brigadier General in the Regular Army and assigned him to the permanent command of the Middle Department.

NEW YORK, Sept. 20.—An officer just from below brings a report derived from Gen. Herron’s [Francis J. Herron] Adjunct that Col. Scot,¹ commanding the rebel troops near Baton Rouge, sent a proposition to Gen. Herron to surrender from four to six thousand men, provided Herron would grant an uncodditionial [sic] pardon to the general officers of the command.

The rebels have captured Fort Smith, Arkansas together with 600 horses and mules, and 100 wagons loaded with provisions.

From The Prescott Journal:

HOW McCLELLAN’S SUPPORTERS TALKED AT CHICAGO.—The Chicago correspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette says in reference to the conversation of the Democrats who attended the Convention :

“But the saddest thing in all this political talk, was the evident delight at our military failures.  I do not write the words willingly ;  for realizing profoundly that this rebellion can be put down by no party and by no effort that stops short of embracing the People of the North, I know how fully it is admitting that the end of these troublesome times is not yet in sight.  But there could be no mistaking the tons of exultation in which the invasion of the North and the seige [sic] of the Capital, in the fourth year of the war, were paraded, and Grant’s flanking operations were laughed at, and the ability of Jeff. Davis [Jefferson Davis] was exultantly eulogized.”

Finger002  The platform on which Gen. McCLELLAN accepts a nomination for the Presidency, declares that the war has proved a failure.  Gen. McCLELLAN should not confound his own personal experiences with the general experience of the country.  War as conducted by him was manifestly a failure.  Under GRANT and SHERMAN it is a success.

Finger002  It is one of the curious results of this war that the Northern cavalry have turned out better than the Southern.  It is true, we are much superior in horses, but the Southern men have always been good horsemen, and it is the very place for them to show that dash and audacity, in which they claim superiority.

A GOOD CAMPAIGN DOCUMENT.—The Democratic party claim that the soldiers are warmly in favor of McClellan.  We advise them to circulate their platform among them.  Doubtless they would like to stack arms at Atlanta, Mobile and Richmond.

Finger002  The McClellan and Pendleton Platform goes for offering JEFF. DAVIS terms of peace while in arms against the Government.  The Lincoln and Johnson Platform refuses to extend terms of peace to DAVIS until he allows a willingness to lay down his arms.  Which do you prefer ?

Finger002  The Democracy prefers Disunion and Slavery, or Union and Slavery, rather than Union and Freedom.  The latter is its last choice.

Finger002  According to General McCLELLAN’S letter of acceptance, he goes for the Union on the basis of a compromise with the Slave Power !  ABRAHAM LINCOLN goes for the Union on the basis of the extermination of the Slave Power as the only basis upon which the Union can be safe.  Choose between them.

1.  Possibly John Sims Scott, colonel of the 1st Louisiana Cavalry.

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